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Opening the Door: Day 6

Red sky again this morning as I waited at the bus stop … but as I said I have no sheep and so shepherd’s warnings mean nothing to me!   As we set off on the 22 the sun raised above the horizon and out of the clouds.  The bus wasn’t busy and so we were running a tad early … it was the driver who thought I had been watching golfers at the Ferry – clearly communication is improving … one glance at my phone one glance exchanged in the mirror and we slowed down and waited at the next timing point.  I relate this little point because my one real bug bear in rural bus services is them running early.  I always aim to be at the bus stop in plenty of time but we have a timetable for a reason (and drivers have a running card for a reason) and out in the sticks if the bus is gone it can be a long wait for the next … especially if it is the only bus through there that day!  

I do enjoy spotting wildlife as I travel but I also love to see the farm animals we pass each day – and especially the fold of highland cattle.  They are getting their shaggy coast thickening at this time of year and I wonder if it is itchy since I often see them nuzzling and licking each other’s faces – perhaps cattle are just sloppy kissers?  The other amusing antic in this herd is the wee calfs (known as calfies in these parts); they see the big bus every day of the week – 4 times a day and the wee bus twice on a Saturday – they should be used to them by now but there is always one who runs away on his fat little calfie legs and starts a mini stampede! Read More…

Opening Doors: Day 5 … Time for Reflection?

My all time favourite quote is this one:

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.  Edith Wharton

It is a favourite because I am not a centre stage floodlit sort of a person; I am much happier in the wings and letting other’s bask in the glory – I am one of life’s mirrors and sometimes folk don’t like what they see reflected back however true a reflection it is! Read More…

Opening the Door: Day 4 … What goes up …

Dog and I were out before dawn as usual this morning and it had been a clear night; the ground had pockets of frost and the stars were shining in full glory.  I have always had an interest in the constellations and it was nice to once again make friends with Orion, Cassiopeia, and the Great Bear – or perhaps given the time of year we should use it’s other name “the Plough”.  Dog misses so much keeping his nose to the ground – he never sees the beauty of the stars!

Thinking about these ‘old friends’ made me ponder something that happened yesterday – a driver with whom I have only ever  exchanged “please” “thank you” “Good morning” and “Good bye” suddenly decided to start a conversation – I suppose this is the extension of the arriving at the same place from a different direction; how do we make friends with folk in the first place?

Anyway how about today’s journey – well I was on a mission; I had challenged myself to climb over the promontory from Earlsferry to see Shell Bay and connect up the missing piece of my coastal photograph jigsaw.   Here is the headland in question and you have seen those masts on top countless times from the other side.

The weather was set fair and it was so clear and the sea so calm that on the bus down to Earlsferry I was able to clearly make out the Bell Rock Lighthuse

Read More…

Opening the Door: Day 3 … Bridges

Here is a little hint of where I went today … can you guess where it is?

So after the excitement of Monday and that macro of the snail and getting drenched yesterday what could I possibly do today to beat them?  The weather was causing me problems first thing and I was swithering between Dunkeld and some easy walking or Fife and long bus rides.  Weather Guru asked “so where is Mrs Benn going today?” and I had to be honest and say I was undecided … yet.  No wildlife to spot this morning but apparently 5p coins were in short supply so I was rooting around in my purse to see how many I could swap. I found myself explaining why I have a pocketful of 5p coins these days – they irritate me because they are so small so all my 5ps get dropped into a pocket and used to buy access to public conveniences when necessary.  Unfortunately the bus stations in Fife that have a rotating barrier don’t take 5ps but do have change machines so I end up splitting 20p coins to make up the 30p … whatever happened to “spending a penny?” Read More…

Opening the Door: Day 2

Red sky in the morning … but that is okay because I don’t have any sheep so I needn’t heed a shepherds warning? Read More…

Day 13: 22 September 2012

I had decided earlier in the week that the weather forecast for Friday, Saturday, Sunday showed light winds with almost none on Friday or Saturday – so these were beach and visiting days – I have my fingers crossed that tomorrow will offer enough wind to get in a few flights … anyway what of today?  I had a day at the seaside … and what a beautiful day it was too!

I wanted to return to Elie and Earlsferry for several reasons but first I stopped off in Anstruther specifically to see the Isle of May trip set off – I would love to take this trip sometime and love being in boats – but my vertigo especially over moving water challenges me when it comes to embarking and disembarking.   Read More…

Day 8: 17 September 2012

What a pleasant change for me to sleep well on a Sunday night – I often watch the clock tick away the minutes to needing to be ready for work on a Monday. The benefits of good sleep cannot be underestimated and this past week I have slept well – getting off to sleep without fretting, sleeping deeply and waking refreshed and before the alarm goes off. This latter aspect is really important for me because over the past few years I have found the winter mornings drag me down – I need to be out with the dog well before 6am – and it gets harder as the winter progresses.

I had been doing my homework and decided that the East Scotland Megarider was to be my ticket for the week – it comes in at £37.50 but it adds Fife to the mix along with Perth & Kinross, Dundee City and Angus. Last week I paid extra to visit Fife so I figure this represents a better value for money method. I also know that often, because it is rarely asked for on our services, the drivers struggle to find it in the ticket machine … but I did not let that deter me! I was confident our driver would have no issues locating it … Read More…

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