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Pebbles on Life’s Beach

I missed an opportunity today – I should have taken my kite with me … sigh!

Seaton Cliffs, Victoria Park, Arbroath

However in all other respects but one – it was a good day.  The one respect that was not good happened just as I set off – the dogs well settled in their beds.  I boarded the first bus of the day and asked for my ticket.  The driver is comparatively new and it took him twice of not being willing to look for my ticket before he asked for training – so I know that he knows how to do it.  Today I added a level of complexity because I needed a connecting service, as I did a few weeks ago when I made  a similar journey one evening.

He very briefly considered my request and said he didn’t think he could do it.  I advised he could and I had bought the same ticket within the past few weeks.  I was told to sit down to save him the bother (such charm!) Read More…

What a Lovely Pair …

… of handsome brothers!  Ollie and Pup had a great time together today at Forfar Loch and were much admired by other dog owners.

Walking Off the Frustration

So today should have been receiving my order of dog food … it started badly – I slept about 4 hours between traffic queues and then drifted back off after another 4 hours of revving engines only to find when I came to I had missed the Postie – so the packet s/he was delivering will have to wait until Tuesday.  I also had an e-mail awaiting from my Neighbour and I am genuinely pleased that they got to sleep last night having got the generator relocated.

I had breakfast – it was a struggle to be honest – and with the tracking on the dog food order still saying the parcel was in Nuneaton I e-mailed Amazon to enquire.  I did get a reply to confirm it would now not be delivered until Tuesday!  So the dogs and I set off for a mooch during which Pup met his beasts again and Dog coped very well with a rather vocal and full on Gordon Setter.  Then I went to Forfar and walked right round the Loch taking photos as I went:

Read More…

Wave Powered (the Full Version)

I am actually going to add most of this post tomorrow – having got up just after 6 this morning I am falling asleep where I sit and have been soaked to the skin twice so looking forward to getting  a cosy sleep.

It has been a good day with lots to reflect on.  I feel re-energised though, not least from the power of these stormy seas …

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An Emotional Snowstorm

So part of yesterday’s banter on the bus was about the weather for today – and as with Weather Guru the forecast I follow was much different to the more general ones.  I wasn’t expecting snow until tomorrow (when I went to bed last night) but it had snew a little by this morning.  By midmorning my forecast had been updated to reflect almost three days of fairly constant but very light snewing.  This was different still to the general forecast which was to wake up to snowy chaos today.

We have actually had long periods without snow and then a blizzard but it is dry snow and so it is laying and we now have about 4 inches of snow on the ground.  The dog run roof is metal and so they get their own glacier as the bottom layer melts and refreezes and the snow is now overhanging the gutter and forming icicles.

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The Loch and a Shopping Spree

We had a slow start this morning … a sleepy daughter had to be prised from her bed by which time we had done the dog walk and three breakfasts.  The plan was to take both dogs on the bus to a beach and then collect some groceries courtesy of a M&S gift voucher that was sent to me.

We caught the bus I intended and it was busier than I remember it being so we were limited in where we could sit with the dogs.  It was a lovely ‘dog friendly’ driver but there were other passengers looking uncomfortable with Dog’s squeaking so I decided we would disembark in Forfar and go to the Loch for a walk. Read More…

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