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Say ARRGGHH! (Wish I Could)

Shall I tell you the highlight of my day? I got a cheery wave from Weather Guru … whatever the weather his cheery wave is a constant and it makes me smile.

I started slowly this morning with a long lie and a leisurely breakfast.  I reviewed some stuff from earlier in the week and then I started some job applications.  Next thing I knew it was almost 2pm and I was still in my PJs!  After a clean up and some clothes I set off to take the boys for  a mooch.  We paused to chat with the girl ponies and then carried on down the lane.  On the estate the wee beasts (Scots for cattle) were looking to their gate so I sat Dog up to see if the nosey wee creatures could be tempted over for Pup to see.

True to their nosey nature they approached a little gingerly and Pup suddenly seeing them dashed to the gate to bark at them.  He was told no and recalled – which we had to repeat twice but he then did come away and stay away.  I will get some pictures of them when I can because they really are small and cute. Read More…


Just Rubbish?

Another day with lots of pictures and not many words – here goes!  Starting with pictures this morning of the freshly cleaned verges – it was a joy to walk along there without Pup darting off to collect junk!

Round the corner and down the lane Pup found some newly dumped heaps to explore … but everytime I tried to photograph him he ran back to me.  Then he saw a person and a Pup walking on the other bank of the dyke – he was so excited he jumped across to greet the pup who promptly disappeared.  He tried several times to get the pup called Shadow to play but Shadow is a shy pup who kept hiding  from Pup … we have never been down there on a morning in strong sunlight but his excitement at meeting this new pal was very funny.

After a trip to Forfar to see my JobCentre Adviser and return the Wombling tools

and admire this greedy crow …

I came back to sort the rubbish.

Unsorted – three bags plus a propshaft?

Recycling … and a hub cap.

General rubbish in the white bags, miscellany on the ground in front, including a spray can and some electrical circuit thing

Broken glass in my ingenious milk carton glass collectior

Plastics (left) general (middle) aluminium (right; glass and propshaft out of shot.

Tomorrow I will take the recyclables to the tip (plastic bottled and aluminium cans.  The general rubbish will I think go in my bin and the whole glass bottles go in my recyling box.  The prop shaft will be a separate journey on its own.

So no one else had enough pride in our town  to come along and help, never mind I am proud of what I achieved in just a few hours … wonder how long before folk make it into  a tip again?


Where is My Womble Suit?

Today was the day – the wind had dropped and I only had 99 other things to do instead of the usual 101 – oh and the litter pick and bag frame have to go back tomorrow!DSCF9693

Okay that isn’t the rubbish I collected – it is an interesting moonrise this evening just after I finished wombling.

I had to go sign on this afternoon so I did my usual pooch mooch and stuff, had lunch, gathered my evidence and stuff for the Job Centre and got the bus.  Again the driver had no idea how to find the ticket so the wee crib sheet I was given the first time I used by Jobseeker discount card was pressed into service again.  I had to be there and wait to see a duty worker “between 3 and 4” since I would normally have signed on yesterday but was at my training.  I actually saw the chap I normally see and I wasn’t kept waiting – something must have been said because the atmosphere in there is completely different.  I have to go back again tomorrow morning for an Advisor Interview.

On my return the dogs had tea and so did I and then I set off with my bags and litter pick and a craftily adapted milk carton to hold any broken glass I found.  I had collected on bag full when the chap with the geese an ponies wandered along for a chat and then I returned with two full bags and went back on the opposite side of the road returning with a full to the brim bag … and  a prop shaft!

Tomorrow after I have been to the Job Centre and returned my litter pick and bag frame I will sort the rubbish – putting aluminium cans and the plastic bottles in the recycling and I will take some photographs.

So tomorrow will need another early start and I feel like I have a furry golf ball in my throat so off to try and sleep me thinks … come back for the litter photo special sometime tomorrow!

In Which we cast Dog as the Hobbit and Pup as a Goblin

It is raining … it has been lashing down all day.  The dogs have ventured out briefly several times but they really don’t want to have to! and I cannot really blame them.  The novelty of me putting the umbrella up has worn off and even the mop seems of less interest.

So what do you do when the kids are stuck in doors and are BORED? well you make up your own entertainment and we have done the same!

Dog and Pup had a lengthy tussle over the Air Dog toy which involved lots of vocals and I stood and photographed them.  SO now I present to you … The Hobbit (we don’t do it in three parts we just get to the crux of it in one hit) starring Dog (the Hobbit); Pup (the Goblin) and Air Dog Toy (the Ring … my precious!)

On an ordinary day in sleepy little Hobbiton Dog was wondering what to do …

It’s mine … the Precious …

… or mine?

The Goblin howled with rage …

A friendly hug?


No really … that is fine you keep it …

What? he is more like Gollum than me … bwahabwaha

I also recorded some of the growling and barking dialogue and played it back to them which was very funny.  A couple of times today Dog has told Pup “enough” and Pup has listened.  I see a subtle change in their relationship … which is good.

Watching these two cheered me up as did finally receiving the debit card I was waiting for but what sheered me up most was a call from the bank in response to my second complaint.  We have finally made some progress to resolving the problem and tomorrow I should get access to my benefit . There are still things to resolve beyond that to prevent a recurrence and make it good but the call has gone a long way to assuring me that the still put the customer’s first.  The really nice touch is the staff member’s name was Faith … everyone needs Faith in their life?

So tomorrow I am going to Dundee on the bus (at the bank’s expense) to sort out the next bit and then I can also order the dog food I have been waiting to do and buy the Christmas food my gift card was supposed to get yesterday … oh and my Christmas present to myself? a new mop bucket – I am fed up of wringing the mop out by hand!


Open Letter to my Friends

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Dear Friends

This has been on my mind the past little while and I have tried to do what I normally do and keep my irritation to myself.  It is not working though because I feel as if you are finding it hard to know what to do or say to me as I work my way through a tight spot.

I cannot bring myself to criticise any of you so I am writing to you as a collective, even though you are each distinct and do not know one another.  Some little bits of what I will mention apply to different ones of you on different days.

  1. I am out of work – I am still me; my job was not my whole life.  You are not responsbile for this and I don’t hold you so; I am glad that you have your jobs at a time when good jobs are hidden like the proverbial needle in a haystack
  2. I am allowed to make choices; whether good or bad – I appreciate when you offer me insight so I can make informed choices but I am less happy if you suddenly assume you know what my choice should be
  3. I will have down days and good days – I have always had down days and good days and for most of my life the good far outweighs the down; if I am having a down day please just treat me the same as you did when I had a down day 6 months ago
  4. When I mention to you, openly and honestly, my financial situation – I AM NOT asking for money; I am responsible for myself and for getting myself back on my feet.  Your open and honest empathy will be most welcome as usual
  5. If I should refer to an outcome of my financial situation, I AM NOT asking for money; I am not ashamed of the lack of luxury in my life just now (it will probably do me good for a while) and I am not in the habit of being deceitful with you
  6. If I choose to spare you some worry by not sharing or I request a little space – I haven’t stopped caring about you or trusting you; I don’t need to be checked up on like an infant who might have quietly woken and be climbing from it’s cot
  7. I am aware I am not the centre of your worlds, you all have your own problems and worries to address, your work to go to, your families to care for  and your own joys to celebrate; but when you say you will call or catch up with me and don’t I do feel sad.  Not least because whatever my worries and hardships I love to catch up with your life too.
  8. You cannot protect me from the rest of the big bad world forever more …
  9. I miss the random conversations and encouragement of strangers … but most of all I miss the encouragement of my friends who seem to be too scared to speak with me in case they say the wrong thing.

I always try to slip your shoes on for a moment or two or try to look through your eyes … but I am not certain that you are seeing a woman who has dealt with a tough six months, who feels mentally strong, who is trying to be physically well and healthy and who, most of all, is confident in her future and the longevity of her friendships.  That is what I would like you to see because it is who and where I am.

If you see something different then I am very sorry that I am not appearing to you as I truly feel I am … so please just tell me what it is you see rather than tiptoeing around me while we both get more confused?  However I cannot apologise if I am not appearing like the stereotypical person without work and limited resources who sinks into a decline … I might be almost middle aged but I am not washed up with the flotsam and jetsam on life’s beach just yet you know!

I grew up loving the JRR Tolkein novel The Hobbit; it has an alternative title “There and Back Again” and like those pleasant little Hobbitses … I am still on the “There” bit of my journey and counting on my friendly elves, wizards and dwarves to help me out and see me through …

I cherish true friends more than almost anything else on this earth; so I am writing to you from my heart to yours with a small plea for you to treat me just the same as always please.  I love each of you and hold dear the part you play in my life.

Your (unemployed but with plans) friend

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Lonely Hearts Club?

No it is alright I am not feeling lonely and maudlin … I enjoy having the freedom to be myself and do what I want when I want … but this stone caught my eye when I arrived at the beach earlier today – but which beach? Read More…

A Two Mile Rainbow

No I am not going to claim that I measured the rainbow … but it stayed around for about 2 miles of my walk today.  In fact since it appeared to reach about two miles ahead of me at all times then the bow would have been more than 2 miles … 

I did manage to catch the no 22 this morning; I stepped off the 20 as the clock showed 07:31 and as soon as I boarded the 22 he switched on his engine and drove off … early!  It achieves nothing since he arrives in Dundee at exactly the same time only instead of bringing 30 or so passengers he just manages 20!  In business terms that equals lost revenue for the company, loss of faith in the bus services, reducing passenger numbers … Read More…

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