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Growing the Network …

I know I put these pictures up yesterday  but I didn’t give you much commentary.  The boys clearly recognised each other from across the car park and as soon as they were off lead together they started working as a little team.  They were very evenly matched, Ollie slightly heavier framed but Pup has much leaner longer muscles (Pup does more free running over more varied ground) with boundless energy that only a 7 month puppy could find.

They were lovely to watch together and were impressively well behaved while we lingered over a picnic.  They took turns to be top dog in their romping but it was very clear that the eldest is still the top dog – Pup is still the big bro!  At one point when Ollie got a little over keen on humping (bearing in mind that neither of them do that at home these days) Pup very quickly put Ollie in his place and although there was a bit of baby squealing it was immediately forgotten and Pup lead them onwards.

This was great experience for both – Ollie apparently doesn’t do water (does now) and does run off to other dogs (he didn’t yesterday) but he was returning to my whistle within a short space of time because he was following Pup.  Pup on the other hand met so many people that he had good practice at not jumping up AND he managed not to dash up to a jogger, a small person on a bike or buggies (although he did knock an acquaintance almost off her feet!)

Today I have been out doing risk assessment of some walks I plan to include in our Steps for Heath Programme.  The colleague I was walking with treated us to a coffee and we chatted.  The conversation took some really interesting turns and we found some rather obscure common ground.  I took the opportunity to speak with someone else about Project Tick Tock and that added some more positive support.

So it has been a rollercoaster positive emotional week of dizzy heights and higher.  This weekend my task is to sit and commit all the notes to the Tick Tock blog.  Then I can network some more!

The Big Red Tractor

Just to start off with some cuteness – more goslings have arrived – so that is eight I have seen now.

Since I had a meeting this morning I took the boys out for an earlier than usual walk … which nearly proved the end of Pup!  As we turned into the lane so did the big red tractor.  That then turned into the field across the dyke that Pup jumps for fun.  Now I understand Pup’s take on this … that field has been fallow ever since he has known it and he jumps the dyke so to all intents and purposes it is his field!

We walked down the lane and since the tractor was stood still I let Pup off his lead as usual.  We walked part way through the larch spinney and then I carefully chose the timing to step back into the lane so the tractor was at the far end of the field.  Since Pup is worse on the lead than off AND he had been very cautiously staying on our side of the dyke I simply made him walk close rewarding him as we went and he was fine – never even looked as the big red tractor passed us going in the opposite direction.  Once we were well passed it I relaxed the close requirement at which point Pup decided to jump the dyke and chase the big red tractor.  He hesitated when I shouted his name but caught right up to the back of the harrow before he responded to the “No” and came back – and even then he was after going again.  It is nothing short of miraculous that he didn’t get pulled under!  So more work needed on his chase responses – on big red tractors! Read More…

Walking Off the Frustration

So today should have been receiving my order of dog food … it started badly – I slept about 4 hours between traffic queues and then drifted back off after another 4 hours of revving engines only to find when I came to I had missed the Postie – so the packet s/he was delivering will have to wait until Tuesday.  I also had an e-mail awaiting from my Neighbour and I am genuinely pleased that they got to sleep last night having got the generator relocated.

I had breakfast – it was a struggle to be honest – and with the tracking on the dog food order still saying the parcel was in Nuneaton I e-mailed Amazon to enquire.  I did get a reply to confirm it would now not be delivered until Tuesday!  So the dogs and I set off for a mooch during which Pup met his beasts again and Dog coped very well with a rather vocal and full on Gordon Setter.  Then I went to Forfar and walked right round the Loch taking photos as I went:

Read More…

Some People Should not be Out Alone!

Okay I know that is a small picture and grainy – it was taken last night at 23:30 with flash outside my house.  What you are looking at is the rubber strip (supposed to be holding down the electric cable) and the electric cable to the traffic lights all tangled up and dragged 40m along the road from the place where it was twisting yesterday evening at 18:15 to outside my porch.  The traffic lights that had been attached were lying in the road 40m from where they had been stood and neither set of lights was working because the generator had also been dragged along the road and landed in the roadworks right outside my neighbours bedroom window.

I couldn’t just go to bed and leave that so I called the Police again.  While I waited I hauled that tangle onto the side of the road where the traffic wasn’t.  The Police came down really quickly and tidies up the other debris.  At 01:06 I was woken up by the GAP traffic light maintenance person and his van and trailer.  The lights had been reinstated with the generator unbelievably left under my neighbours bedroom window and switched back on. Read More…

Hare Today … Gone Tomorrow?

I set off on my own once the dogs were exercised for a walk in the hope of seeing the treecreepers and getting better photographs.  I took a flask of tea and an apple and a banana ready to sit it out.

What had been blue sky and sunshine when I was out with the boys started to become clouded over and although thee was a stiff breeze again it wasn’t cold.  I had two thin fleece layers n with my sleeves pushed up.  I was delighted to see the hawthorn finally bursting into leaf …

Hawthorn leaf buds

They were tight red buds on Saturday … so then I noticed other trees were in green bud and the celandines are opening.

Lesser Celandine

Even though it was dark grey over the Sidlaws you can see the snow is virtually finally gone!

Very clear signs that Spring is finally underway I think.   Read More…

Naked Feet Day

You will have to wait to hear about the naked feet …

I started my day with a letter from the bank … the numpties had reactivated the card before the card they had cancelled – it doesn’t even seem to have occurred to them that I may no longer have that old card or the PIN!   As it happens I do have both and so I was able to access my JSA after 10 days of no access.  So all the extra correspondence will now be going to the Ombudsman – you couldn’t make it up you really couldn’t!

So my plan for the day was a long dog walk since the builders were back next door and then a trip to the supermarket to do my fortnights shopping. Read More…

Walk on the Wildside

I had an adventure today … and I didn’t get muddy …

First to update you on the Bird of Prey pellet I found (sorry Pup found) yesterday … current thinking is that it is a pellet cast by a female Sparrowhawk and the bird she had eaten for her tea was a male kestrel.  I will update you again if that thinking changes.  However that did inspire my adventure. Read More…

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