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What is Red and Dangles?

Okay who is tittering at the back … no it isn’t a part of my anatomy that has got sunburnt (I know this because none of me is sunburnt – I am reasonably good with the sunscreen).  Just because you laughed I will make you wait to see …

… hand up if you just skipped this and scrolled to the bottom to peek? Read More…

Growing the Network …

I know I put these pictures up yesterday  but I didn’t give you much commentary.  The boys clearly recognised each other from across the car park and as soon as they were off lead together they started working as a little team.  They were very evenly matched, Ollie slightly heavier framed but Pup has much leaner longer muscles (Pup does more free running over more varied ground) with boundless energy that only a 7 month puppy could find.

They were lovely to watch together and were impressively well behaved while we lingered over a picnic.  They took turns to be top dog in their romping but it was very clear that the eldest is still the top dog – Pup is still the big bro!  At one point when Ollie got a little over keen on humping (bearing in mind that neither of them do that at home these days) Pup very quickly put Ollie in his place and although there was a bit of baby squealing it was immediately forgotten and Pup lead them onwards.

This was great experience for both – Ollie apparently doesn’t do water (does now) and does run off to other dogs (he didn’t yesterday) but he was returning to my whistle within a short space of time because he was following Pup.  Pup on the other hand met so many people that he had good practice at not jumping up AND he managed not to dash up to a jogger, a small person on a bike or buggies (although he did knock an acquaintance almost off her feet!)

Today I have been out doing risk assessment of some walks I plan to include in our Steps for Heath Programme.  The colleague I was walking with treated us to a coffee and we chatted.  The conversation took some really interesting turns and we found some rather obscure common ground.  I took the opportunity to speak with someone else about Project Tick Tock and that added some more positive support.

So it has been a rollercoaster positive emotional week of dizzy heights and higher.  This weekend my task is to sit and commit all the notes to the Tick Tock blog.  Then I can network some more!

Scooby Dooby Doo


The title refers both to the only noise I am able to make today – a kind of high pitched whiny plea and one of my activities.  I have baked biscuits for the boys!  Peanut butter and Sweet Potato cookies if you please!  The nicest thing is I have used Spelt flour which is supposedly less likely to cause issues of intolerance compared to wheat and since I know exactly what has gone in these I can eat them too …. Scoooby Dooooby Dooo … time for a Scooby Snack.


And here is Pup just after his first sample of the cooked biscuits.  He managed to sample a little raw dough and as you can see he had got Spelt Flour all up his nose!  However he hasn’t perfected the catchphrase yet so I limited him to just the one wee biscuit as a sample.


So why you are asking can I only make sounds like a cartoon dog – and a rather daft and cowardly one at that? because I have laryngitis from tree pollen getting inhaled too far!  I know it is hayfever related since the whole of the inside of my head is itchy – if only I could scratch inside my ears, behind my eyes and my nose I would feel so much better.  Actually if I could afford to buy some cough linctus, some cough sweets, a nasal (salt water) spray and a bottle of Actimist (yes I know that is name dropping but it is fabby stuff) eye spray I would feel fabulous!  As it is I have my beeswax hayfever balm to stop me inhaling any more pollen, some paracetamol to stop (well reduce) the discomfort in my larynx, a few menthol sweeties and some soft tissues … oh and water to bathe my eye with.

The worst bit after the discomfort and making a funny noise which confuses the Pup is that everything tastes of nothing – blackcurrant squash may as well be water, delicate Earl Grey has no chance of being detected and even baked beans taste of nothing … so erm …. I am embarrassed to admit that I don;’t actually know how good the Scooby Snacks taste!

Never mind I collected the litter pick and bag frame today so hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling  a little better and can go do something useful.  I really hop I am feeling much better on Wednesday when I am on a course all day and then at Community Council in the evening – that will test Pup and his crate time – he will be wanting extra Scooby Snacks!

Mortification … and Snow

Let me start by saying the mortification has nothing to do with the weather!  Yup we have snow again … I got soaked walking into Kirriemuir to draw cash and catch the bus to go food shopping and was really disappointed that the sweetie shop was closed and I couldn’t get any salt liquorice.

I caught the bus before it went round the town (because it was warmer than standing in the square).  I had  a brief exchange with Evelyn who had been into town with her rollator for her messages and sat in the bus as if it was in a snowglobe as the snow blizzarded down the windscreen.  The driver is concerned about Toxic’s behaviour so I made it clear that whilst I know some of what has gone on I have got to the point of talking if he bothers to call and forgetting about him the rest of the time.  I tried to encourage the driver to follow suit and not try to rescue Toxic from himself.  It was an enjoyable journey though. Read More…

Pup becomes a Fashion Designer

I am not big into fashion – I buy clothes I like that are practical and comfortable.  Sometimes if I find something I love I buy two of them … which is how I come to have two orchid mauve hoodies.  Why do I like them so much? well the colour is a good start – it definitely isn’t pink but it is a pretty colour and feminine.  The hoods are not too small or too tight and the big open v neck means the hood is comfortable to have right up or semi cowled.  Some of the seams appear to be inside out for a casual look and they have big kangaroo pouch pockets.  This pocket is accessible from either side, is excellent for shoving cold hands into while waiting for a dog to get on and do what it has to, holds copious quantities of poo bags, tissues, dog training aids, mobile phone, gloves and so on and they can be grabbed with either hand as needed. Read More…

Crying Over Spilled Milk – Yes or No?

We will come to the milk in a wee while but first let me update you after Community Council last night.  The Secretary resigned at the last meeting in what might politely be termed “a huff” and at the time I made an offer to be a liaison point for incoming correspondence as an interim measure.  Before the meeting last night the Chairman asked me if I was still able to do that and if so he would like to take me up on it.  So for now I am Acting Secretary and need to spend a few days finding out where everything is upto and changing contact details for everyone.  One of the things I am tracking down is scoping documents relating to a windfarm proposal that we need to reply to within two weeks.

You will also remember by bus shelter geekery in the summer – well those examples I forwarded to our Councillor have been submitted to the Officer leading on a new heritage fund that Angus Council have been successful at winning  for Kirriemuir.

I had to leave early to come back and do Pup’s supper – he was so excited to see me but then couldn’t settle so it was a late night for me. Read More…

Water Torture …

… works!

The weather has indeed set to thaw and so the snow has been merrily melting and dripping.  I have sat here all day cursing the lad next door for playing ‘drumming’ music so loud I could here the thump thump thump … except it wasn’t that at all – the snow was overhanging the gutter and dripping onto my recycling box and wheelie bin!  I eventually twigged and went out to move both of them and the peace inside my head is wonderful!

With the thaw underway we haven’t ventured out today but it has been a wonderful bright day mostly so I have  a few birdy pictures and the moon too.

Ms Chaffinch goes foraging …

… whilst another watches

and Mr Chaffinch enjoys a rest in the sunshine

First Full Moon of 2013

Maybe it is the full moon that is causing mayhem on a social site I frequent – it has been heated the past few days  – although it also looks as if the behaviour is all coming form adolescents … not that age is an excuse for lack of respect for others.  It has been distracting though and I have got less far with something I was trying to work on there.

I did console myself with some lovely soup for lunch:  Red lentils, tin chopped tomatoes, salt, pepper, olive oil, sugar, onion, carrots and some chilli powder.  Microwave on low setting until all veggies tender and lentils cooked – blitz and add a dash of milk.  This is a mug soup it isn’t too thick and it is very warming.  Don’t be tempted to cut down on salt or sugar for this one – the tomatoes really do need these to bring out the flavour.  I have enough for lunch tomorrow too – I bet it is much better when reheated!

Apparently I sound as if I have  a cold (not aware that I do) so I will be heading for an earlyish night in my prewarmed bed … and hoping that in the morning there is no ice and we can resume our daily walks.

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