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Catch Up …

It has been a catching up sort of a day!  Catching up on rest, sleep, and some of my online places.  The boys did catching up too – on sleep and more sleep!

So I thought I would post a few catch up photos …



I made some seaglass Christmas tree ornaments as a gift – think I might have to make some during the year and get them in my Etsy shop (Zendants) in time for Christmas 2014 …



The Town Christmas tree lit up just before Christmas … ahhh bonny!


Even in December I love the beach … this is south Ayr with my two boys … Pup’s first time on the beach and he adored every second (and was a very well behaved boy)

Tomorrow I will do a calendar of 2013 with my 12 favourite photos and look forward to 2014 – going from Serenity to Successful … if any readers are One Little Word (OLW) people would love to see what your words are for the coming year – why not leave a comment?



Best laid plans of mice and men apparently don’t apply to mothers!

You may recall I was anticipating a beach trip today and lots of photographs … here’s what actually happened!

First off I did get a nights sleep – my first in a week.  Second off the Cairn had to go to the vet first thing for a staple in her wound – so everything got delayed.  We got to the town and had agreed to pop into a big department store – I had a rather generous gift card from there as a Christmas present and a national paper was running an offer for a few days which made that voucher worth120%.  We got out of the car and as we walked to the store Mother says “I don’t think we will do the beach today it is too cold … don’t you think?” well actually I didn’t and I said so.  We got back to the car and Daddy asked where to next … Mother said she had nothing else to do and I said neither had I and it would have been left there except Daddy then asked why we needed dog towels with us.  I said we were going to the beach but it was okay I would walk the dogs when we got back to the house so he over ruled Mother.

I took the boys on a lovely beach in the roaring wind – it was what the wee man needed.  He normally covers around 25 miles a week and had done about 1 mile this week – no wonder he is behaving stir crazy with one of the other dogs?

As we set off there was another first for me – a Snow Bow …


It really was snowing and hailing as that appeared – really strange.

I also took a portrait of the bitch who always greets me like a long lost friend when I visit … she has a nickname because she always looks down in the mouth and I referred to it once as her “mooey face” so she gets called Moo or Mini Moo (and answers to them!)


… and then because she is a bit of a diva she decided to show me her best side in action close up …


Yes it is blurry … but I will miss Moo when we go home tomorrow.  

I have spent the evening being quizzed about food items I could take home with me … how many ways can I say “I do not eat refined carbs and especially sugar”?

Better get some sleep before the long car ride tomorrow …

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