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Crying Over Spilled Milk – Yes or No?

We will come to the milk in a wee while but first let me update you after Community Council last night.  The Secretary resigned at the last meeting in what might politely be termed “a huff” and at the time I made an offer to be a liaison point for incoming correspondence as an interim measure.  Before the meeting last night the Chairman asked me if I was still able to do that and if so he would like to take me up on it.  So for now I am Acting Secretary and need to spend a few days finding out where everything is upto and changing contact details for everyone.  One of the things I am tracking down is scoping documents relating to a windfarm proposal that we need to reply to within two weeks.

You will also remember by bus shelter geekery in the summer – well those examples I forwarded to our Councillor have been submitted to the Officer leading on a new heritage fund that Angus Council have been successful at winning  for Kirriemuir.

I had to leave early to come back and do Pup’s supper – he was so excited to see me but then couldn’t settle so it was a late night for me. Read More…

When it all Goes Pear-Shaped …

… The Pear-Shaped (person) gets muddy!  So now that has got your attention … make a brew and settle down to read.

So I set off as usual to catch the 22 in Kirriemuir High Street, via the 20.  The 20 was a few minutes late but arrived as the clock changed to the time the 22 leaves at … except the 22 was not there … not even a whiff of exhaust or the purr of a distant engine!  He had left early again.  The one thing I cannot stand is early running buses but what is more galling is for all the weeks I have been using that service it has never left early once until yesterday!

So for the second day I found myself on a 27A headed to Forfar … it comes over the flyover like the bus below (that is actually the 11:45 bus out of Kirriemuir photographed form a high hill).  This morning it was late and the male students particularly obnoxious with their fart commentary.  I was not staying on that bus to Arbroath and the only bus left to go to Dundee was also a College Bus so I got off the bus at East High Street and walked.  No not to Dundee!

Read More…

Walk with me …

Not a very exciting day today but a few enjoyable moments and another sort of coming to the same place from a different direction experience.

I showed Weather Guru some of the sea glass and a pretty stone this morning; Weather Guru wondered if I could get him enough of the pretty stone to do his garden instead of the boring chippings he could get at the garden centre … he thinks it would be better if I did it since I know exactly where the source is and it wouldn’t be too bad one knapsack full at a time … hmmmm Read More…

Aboard the Ark: Day 10

Today I walked an Inch in Perth … well I actually walked nearer 6 miles in Perth but the North Inch is one of two parks in the city (not surprisingly the other being the South Inch) that include that tiny measurement in their name.  I had visited the North Inch previously – remember the “Spiky Balls” pictures and Smeatons Bridge?  Today I set out to walk the perimeter of the North Inch.

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Opening the Door: Day 3 … Bridges

Here is a little hint of where I went today … can you guess where it is?

So after the excitement of Monday and that macro of the snail and getting drenched yesterday what could I possibly do today to beat them?  The weather was causing me problems first thing and I was swithering between Dunkeld and some easy walking or Fife and long bus rides.  Weather Guru asked “so where is Mrs Benn going today?” and I had to be honest and say I was undecided … yet.  No wildlife to spot this morning but apparently 5p coins were in short supply so I was rooting around in my purse to see how many I could swap. I found myself explaining why I have a pocketful of 5p coins these days – they irritate me because they are so small so all my 5ps get dropped into a pocket and used to buy access to public conveniences when necessary.  Unfortunately the bus stations in Fife that have a rotating barrier don’t take 5ps but do have change machines so I end up splitting 20p coins to make up the 30p … whatever happened to “spending a penny?” Read More…

Opening the Door: Day 2

Red sky in the morning … but that is okay because I don’t have any sheep so I needn’t heed a shepherds warning? Read More…

Opening the Door: Day 1

What an exciting day it has turned out to be … new discoveries and winsome ponderings.  Where shall I begin?

Perhaps with a question about the photo above – do windfarms blight our landscapes? If it is one as above I rather like to see them – I certainly don’t find they spoil the landscape – however if it was at the concentration they are at in some other areas of Scotland then yes I think they become intrusive.  For me though the bigger issues are around whether they are really efficient at generating power – if they are we do need to use alternatives to reliance on fossil fuels and I am not keen on nuclear power. Read More…

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