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Swimming in Forfar Loch

You will have to wait a while to find out who was swimming in the Loch!  I do have pictures.

So I had to plan today like a military campaign to pack everything in without abandoning my poor helpless wee Pup for too long!

Dog walking was earlier than usual and enjoyable but for two things:

  • Dog appears to have  a tummy problem – I think form eating larch cones; he was grumpy because I shortened his lead to stop him dipping his head to the ground.
  • We met a grumpy terrier coming towards us – Dog and it do not like each other and always say rude words; I really don’t want Pup picking up on this.  I moved almost into the hedge to keep both dogs well off the footpath so he could get passed – and instead of just walking smartly past he dithered and that just wound both mine up even more.

Apart from that I managed to catch some iPhone video of the lapwings flying and calling – so will go back later this week with my camera to try and get a closer zoom on them.  Next it was on the bus and off to Forfar. Read More…


Feeling Broody …

… did that grab your attention? not me you foolish people … the birds (and possibly the bees?) are starting nesting.  How do I know? well you remember the pictures of my Rowan tree in the snow – it is hollow and every spring it is home to a family of starlings.  I hadn’t given it any thought since I thought it was too soon in the year but wile I was stood in the porch this morning I could hear the garrulous starlings and when I looked there are Mr and Mrs S flying in and out of the hole in the tree.  I assume they are currently renovating and making their nest cosy … they were very relaxed about a wood pigeon and a dove sitting in the tree a little later.  I will have to see if I can set up and get some pictures this year.

Having spent the morning working on a special design for someone and listening to next door’s renovations continue I took the boys for a constitutional.  Apart form Dog yipping at a dog and getting Pup all riled up too it was an uneventful walk apart from Pup eating something disgusting … but while we were out I did see these tiny little snowdrops at the edge of the spinney


On the way back we caught glimpses of  a bird on the ploughed field that we had seen flying on the way down – when it flies it has a very distinctive shape and flight patterns and a hauntingly beautiful call – a lapwing – but I bet you cannot pick him out on here?

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Always be a Dandelion …

Well, I am the Fourth of July
I’m throwing you a fire in the sky
You could go blind in my light
But you were looking for an orchid
And I will always be a dandelion

Read more at http://www.songmeanings.net/songs/view/3530822107858572992/#BQoHhS4PFJMOexAP.99

These are some of the lyrics of a favourite song – I have it playing on my iPhone right now – whilst I love orchids I am one of life dandelions and am happy to be so!  Hopefully some of my little seeds get blown around the globe from my rambling in this blog and settle in hearts that are moved and/or helped in some way. Read More…

An Emotional Snowstorm

So part of yesterday’s banter on the bus was about the weather for today – and as with Weather Guru the forecast I follow was much different to the more general ones.  I wasn’t expecting snow until tomorrow (when I went to bed last night) but it had snew a little by this morning.  By midmorning my forecast had been updated to reflect almost three days of fairly constant but very light snewing.  This was different still to the general forecast which was to wake up to snowy chaos today.

We have actually had long periods without snow and then a blizzard but it is dry snow and so it is laying and we now have about 4 inches of snow on the ground.  The dog run roof is metal and so they get their own glacier as the bottom layer melts and refreezes and the snow is now overhanging the gutter and forming icicles.

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So that was 2012? The Gallery

So That was 2012?

How was 2012 for each of you?  Of course I know some of the answers from those who are friends as well as readers – but if you are a reader who I haven’t yet ‘met’ I hope you might like to share your 2012.

I thought I would revisit my 2012 using quotes and photographs – but I have split this into two posts so that the gallery of photographs stands alone:

Before I started this blog I had earlier in the year spent some time taking pictures of:

Panmure Passage

Time spent discovering Dundee (City of Discovery) – this sculpture is hidden on the new Quay development; we should be showing it off

Underneath the Tay Road Bridge looking towards Fife … more brown than silvery that Tay!

Demolishing Tayside House

Preparing for a new iconic building – the new V&A

However, in parallel with the demolition of redundant bits of Dundee, my serenity was almost zero … stress was demolishing me

So I started a journey to find the serenity that was missing in my life using Stagecoach East Scotland Megarider tickets and my Camera and lots of walking.  Plus when it was windy enough taking along my kites.

Along the way I have been collecting quotes on my Pinterest Boards which you can visit if you wish here and making designs at MyDeco and of course sharing my photographs.

Although my bus travel is at a standstill just now I have anew energy dragging me along in life … young Pup has come to be a companion to getting older Dog and me.

And my camera has not had such a workout since it was new with my current challenge being taking good moon pictures when the biggest digital zoom I can get is 300mm and my tripod is out of commission.

Tomorrow I will share with you my hopes and dreams for 2013 but tonight I will close my 2012 blog with the last sunset of 2012 and the Moon tonight:

Moon only just clearing the house rooflines

The gallery post will follow in just a moment … Happy New year to you all and may 2013 bring you the love of family and friends, prosperity and good health.

Underwhelming …

The high point of my morning was finding these fungi when  Dog took me out first thing.  That probably tells you how exciting my day has been and that I haven’t been out on my travels again.

The next thing we saw was the barriers around the excavation in Dog’s stubble field had fallen into the hole and across the footpath Read More…

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