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Spring: Swings and Roundabouts

We got out of bed this morning to snow!  scant covering and small numbers of flakes but chilly and dreich.  Nevertheless I got on with the ‘spring’ clean for Ollie’s visit.  Pup stopped me sweeping the rug with the handbrush – he got hold of my hand with his mouth and sat down.  Next he climbed on my back whilst I was bent over sweeping.  Finally in an effort to stop me discarding anything valuable (his idea of valuable and mine are poles apart) he took to rooting through the bin bag just incase I had thrown out his special bits of cardboard or nettle stalks.

I moved on to his favourite cleaning technique – mopping.  He insisted on sitting on the next bit I needed to do shuffling forward reluctantly as I went.  Then he went and sat on the wet gooy bit just behind the mop.  He supervised me with the vacuum and attempted to do the feather dusting.  Lastly as I tried to was the leather sofa he kept sitting on the wet bits.

Next was the bathroom and I managed to sneak in and do that without being watched and then the kitchen.  I had just stopped to have breakfast when a text arrived.  The snow at Ollies house was heavier and they wanted to know what ours was like.  In due course a decision was made to postpone and since it has gone on the same all day and since the hills between here and there were invisible in the snow clouds I think it was sensible.


Now I know what you are thinking – I took that picture another day because there is no snow.  Not true – that was at lunchtime today, yesterday those were tight buds, aren’t they bonny?  Speaking of bonny we have  a joke with my ex Community Councillor colleague who always says “if you want it bonny as Johnny” – Johnny being him and the work he does is bonny because he takes time to do  a good job.  As I got on to the estate road he was on the way up in his car; I called Pup and popped him on his lead and the car was pulled over and we had a chat. Read More…

Best Laid Plans …

It will become clear in due course why I have an apparently boring picture of part of a tree on my camera roll today … at least the lichens make it quite decorative! Read More…

Pup Stretches His Legs

We retraced our steps on the same route as the day we found Fergus loose and today we managed to remain just three intrepid adventurers.  As you can see at low level the snow is mostly cleared, although Pup managed to find a number of drifts to charge through like … well like a puppy. Read More…

Good Friday?

It was good because:

  • I got my benefit early for the holidays which meant I could use a voucher and therefore make my food budget go a little further and replenish some store cupboard stuff.
  • I saw Weather Guru for long enough to get a cheery smile and a quick “how are you?” exchange
  • I did not find any loose animals requiring me to find their missing owners
  • We had blue skies and sunshine
  • The snow and the mud are gradually getting better
  • The boys were excellent on their walk today
  • My feet didn’t get wet at all!
  • Pup looked at the geese in their paddock and immediately ignored them when  told.  Dog didn’t even glance at them.

It was less good because:

  • My ‘under the weather’ card got returned to me; I have subsequently found out that all is okay and it isn’t returned because something terrible has happened
  • I bought a replacement lightbulb – it was expensive because it was an energy saving one (no other choice available) and when I got home it was the wrong fitting type.  I had checked the first one I picked up and then swapped to a lower wattage from the section next to it so it should have been the same fitting.
  • I took a photo of a flock of geese over Kirrie Hill … it looks like a weak biro mark on the picture!



Something Old … Something New … Something Borrowed … Now I am Blue!

So today turned into a really quite bizarre day and I did something (felt I had to do something) I have never done before … let me set the scene.

I set off with the dogs just after lunchtime for our walk.  Pup was trying out wearing  a harness for the first time and he walked much better in it rather than with the lead fastened to his collar – he moved so fluidly in his jog gait.  As we reached the top of the lane a liver and off white Springer appeared and was setting off onto the main road – it was Fergus.  I called him since there was no sign of Fergus’s person and I didn’t want to leave him loose on the busy road at a junction.  He looked distressed but seemed happy to tag along with Pup since they know each other. Read More…

A Sky Heart

I have never seen such a complete heart shape made of cloud before – and glowing in the centre the bluest of blue skies.   Read More…

Stuck in The Snow

I am not going to say much today because someone ( a small black furry someone) is getting on my nerves!  It isn’t lack of exercise and it isn’t lack of food – he has had normal quotas of both – so he must just have got out of the wrong side of his bed this morning and the sooner he is back in it and can start afresh tomorrow the better!

I was expecting a supermarket delivery in the middle of the day – an early easter egg from my parents.  I got a text that it would be between 11 and 12 so I opted to wait for the dog walk until afterwards.  at 13;30 still no sign and I was getting a bit miffed to be honest. 13:45 a phone call from the driver apologising because he “has got stuck in the snow” really? REALLY? where is he coming from the north pole on a sled?  We have had snow for the past two weeks (it might not be that long I have lost count but it is days and days anyway) and the roads are all clear.  This morning the snow was melting – so how did this hapless individual get stuck in snow?

I simply asked how long he planned to be and he said he didn’t know so I indicated I would be taking the dogs out, having made them wait, and I would be gone an hour.  He eventually arrived at 14:20.  This may sound whiny but it isn’t meant to, I truly appreciate the gift, but what does my mother think I am going to do with 3kg of onions?  If you have any recipes that use up a kilo of onions please add them in the comments at the bottom …

My pictures today are courtesy of Dog who is clearly having a silly day …

How does one manage to get trails of drool on top of one’s own head? I tried and I cannot do it!

And having dribbled on top of one’s own head what possesses one to go sit in the mud during a blizzard to wait two hours for tea?  It is okay I did not let him sit there for two hours I made him come back in but he seriously made me let him out so he could sit in the mud in a snow storm … I do despair sometimes but I am not sure if it his sanity in question or mine!

And wouldn’t you know it – now I am just about ready for an early night to soothe my nerves a certain someone (you know the small black furry someone) is fast asleep and snoring on the sofa!

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