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The Puppy Diaries


It has been a long day but Pup has arrived.  In this first picture you can see that he has no fear – he wants to know who is that handsome dog that has just appeared.  Not long after this a very large dog got on the same part of the train as us and Pup was immediately stood up wagging and wanting to say hello.  Of course he couldn’t since he is not yet fully inoculated but the owner took her further along the train because he said she would want to roll around with them and fuss them.

Prior to that, while we carried Pup and his brother, we were stopped for photographs by passers by and then at the station the staff all trouped in one  at a time to say hello … to the pups not us! Read More…

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... the reason rural bus services are so valuable!

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... the reason rural bus services are so valuable!

... the reason rural bus services are so valuable!

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