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STOP PRESS … Huff the Hedgehog

When I was a child there was a series of reading books at school by Ainsworth and Ridout and Green Book 5 was “Huff the Hedgehog”.  Huff travelled around looking for food and he had a little rhyme every time he was denied dinner:

I am Huff the Hedgehog and I want my dinner, If I don’t get it soon I will get thinner and thinner

You will remember that Pup had a hedgehog encounter the other evening which the hedgehog won?  Tonight the hedgehog advertised his presence running around (noisy he was – I could hear him form the top of the garden and Pup was immediately off to investigate.  Quick as lightning he was behind the shed and reappeared carrying a prickly ball.  Pup wasn’t really wanting to give the hog to me – he was after bringing it in the house – not a good idea when Dog is inside and would want to join the game and not a good idea if I don’t want a hedgehog loose in the house!

I sopped him and since I didn’t have anything handy to take it from his mouth I persuaded him into the dog run where he put it down and I just had long enough to get Pup out of the run and shut the door.  I went for he camera (would have loved a photo of him carrying it because he had it beautifully in his mouth and it is unharmed.) and a Tesco shopping bag.

DSCF0604 DSCF0605 DSCF0607

Look really closely and you can just see a black snout to the left of those leaves.  A really clean and healthy looking hog and a good size.  I want it to stay around so Pup is going to have to learn to leave it alone.  I carefully rolled it into a Tesco shopping bag, popped a slip lead on Pup and returned it to the back of the shed.  I let Pup sit a while and look and then brought him back to the patio.  After about 10 minutes I popped the lead off and although he went back and had a paw poke he did then leave it when told.

Think my shopping bag had better come out with me to the patio every day since I don’t expect this will the last hog retrieve!

Contrary Mary?

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

How does your garden grow?

With silver bells and cockle shells

And pretty maids all in a row

I had a little fun making a shady arbour to sit and read or day dream in out of the hot sun; I wanted to experiment with the beams which can be height adjusted and a room with a courtyard garden.

When we went out for a walk we saw some plants that could well have been in Contrary Mary’s garden – this Astilbe and the foxgloves

IMG_2336 IMG_2332

The foxgloves are now starting to lose their beautiful bell shaped blooms now.IMG_2333

Today has involved continuing to evade the Pixie’s attention (apparently a five year old interpretation of the holiday length was an underestimate!).  A much better dog walk without any repeat abscondments and then a meeting to discuss the next tasks for the “Steps for Health” walking group.  We have had seen next to no sunshine but it has been sultry again and very draining.

Busy like a Buzzy Bumblebee

I know that is a a little fuzzy … I did ask the bees very nicely if they would stop still for a second … they told me to buzz off!! boom boom (as Basil Brush would have said to Mr Roy) Read More…

Where is My Womble Suit?

Today was the day – the wind had dropped and I only had 99 other things to do instead of the usual 101 – oh and the litter pick and bag frame have to go back tomorrow!DSCF9693

Okay that isn’t the rubbish I collected – it is an interesting moonrise this evening just after I finished wombling.

I had to go sign on this afternoon so I did my usual pooch mooch and stuff, had lunch, gathered my evidence and stuff for the Job Centre and got the bus.  Again the driver had no idea how to find the ticket so the wee crib sheet I was given the first time I used by Jobseeker discount card was pressed into service again.  I had to be there and wait to see a duty worker “between 3 and 4” since I would normally have signed on yesterday but was at my training.  I actually saw the chap I normally see and I wasn’t kept waiting – something must have been said because the atmosphere in there is completely different.  I have to go back again tomorrow morning for an Advisor Interview.

On my return the dogs had tea and so did I and then I set off with my bags and litter pick and a craftily adapted milk carton to hold any broken glass I found.  I had collected on bag full when the chap with the geese an ponies wandered along for a chat and then I returned with two full bags and went back on the opposite side of the road returning with a full to the brim bag … and  a prop shaft!

Tomorrow after I have been to the Job Centre and returned my litter pick and bag frame I will sort the rubbish – putting aluminium cans and the plastic bottles in the recycling and I will take some photographs.

So tomorrow will need another early start and I feel like I have a furry golf ball in my throat so off to try and sleep me thinks … come back for the litter photo special sometime tomorrow!

Scooby Dooby Doo


The title refers both to the only noise I am able to make today – a kind of high pitched whiny plea and one of my activities.  I have baked biscuits for the boys!  Peanut butter and Sweet Potato cookies if you please!  The nicest thing is I have used Spelt flour which is supposedly less likely to cause issues of intolerance compared to wheat and since I know exactly what has gone in these I can eat them too …. Scoooby Dooooby Dooo … time for a Scooby Snack.


And here is Pup just after his first sample of the cooked biscuits.  He managed to sample a little raw dough and as you can see he had got Spelt Flour all up his nose!  However he hasn’t perfected the catchphrase yet so I limited him to just the one wee biscuit as a sample.


So why you are asking can I only make sounds like a cartoon dog – and a rather daft and cowardly one at that? because I have laryngitis from tree pollen getting inhaled too far!  I know it is hayfever related since the whole of the inside of my head is itchy – if only I could scratch inside my ears, behind my eyes and my nose I would feel so much better.  Actually if I could afford to buy some cough linctus, some cough sweets, a nasal (salt water) spray and a bottle of Actimist (yes I know that is name dropping but it is fabby stuff) eye spray I would feel fabulous!  As it is I have my beeswax hayfever balm to stop me inhaling any more pollen, some paracetamol to stop (well reduce) the discomfort in my larynx, a few menthol sweeties and some soft tissues … oh and water to bathe my eye with.

The worst bit after the discomfort and making a funny noise which confuses the Pup is that everything tastes of nothing – blackcurrant squash may as well be water, delicate Earl Grey has no chance of being detected and even baked beans taste of nothing … so erm …. I am embarrassed to admit that I don;’t actually know how good the Scooby Snacks taste!

Never mind I collected the litter pick and bag frame today so hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling  a little better and can go do something useful.  I really hop I am feeling much better on Wednesday when I am on a course all day and then at Community Council in the evening – that will test Pup and his crate time – he will be wanting extra Scooby Snacks!

The Proof is in the Pudding …

I was taking pictures of the roof with those lovely patterns form the snow on the tiles (not as proper slate roof that one!) and every time I clicked the shutter a small bird was either flying past or joined the flock on the roof – so I was prompted to frame this little sweetie sitting on its own in the rising sun.

Our day started off fairly normally – with the exception of Pup taking a wee tumble in the snow – he is in touch with his sensitive side … in other words he makes a huge fuss when he hurts – he hobbled around holding his leg up and squeaking so I was thinking we would be off to the vet!  Amazingly as soon as I felt down both back legs together gently and told him it seemed okay he stopped the fuss and ran off.  He seems slightly bruised as the day has gone on so we will see how he is tomorrow.

Then after breakfast and preparing for my visit to the Job Centre I did some housework and tidying for out guest … not helped by Pup who decided he wasn’t sleepy today and kept arriving to help.  Mid morning he needed to pop outside so off we went and got a wonderful surprise – a large bird flapped across in front of us chased by a crow … Read More…

In Which we cast Dog as the Hobbit and Pup as a Goblin

It is raining … it has been lashing down all day.  The dogs have ventured out briefly several times but they really don’t want to have to! and I cannot really blame them.  The novelty of me putting the umbrella up has worn off and even the mop seems of less interest.

So what do you do when the kids are stuck in doors and are BORED? well you make up your own entertainment and we have done the same!

Dog and Pup had a lengthy tussle over the Air Dog toy which involved lots of vocals and I stood and photographed them.  SO now I present to you … The Hobbit (we don’t do it in three parts we just get to the crux of it in one hit) starring Dog (the Hobbit); Pup (the Goblin) and Air Dog Toy (the Ring … my precious!)

On an ordinary day in sleepy little Hobbiton Dog was wondering what to do …

It’s mine … the Precious …

… or mine?

The Goblin howled with rage …

A friendly hug?


No really … that is fine you keep it …

What? he is more like Gollum than me … bwahabwaha

I also recorded some of the growling and barking dialogue and played it back to them which was very funny.  A couple of times today Dog has told Pup “enough” and Pup has listened.  I see a subtle change in their relationship … which is good.

Watching these two cheered me up as did finally receiving the debit card I was waiting for but what sheered me up most was a call from the bank in response to my second complaint.  We have finally made some progress to resolving the problem and tomorrow I should get access to my benefit . There are still things to resolve beyond that to prevent a recurrence and make it good but the call has gone a long way to assuring me that the still put the customer’s first.  The really nice touch is the staff member’s name was Faith … everyone needs Faith in their life?

So tomorrow I am going to Dundee on the bus (at the bank’s expense) to sort out the next bit and then I can also order the dog food I have been waiting to do and buy the Christmas food my gift card was supposed to get yesterday … oh and my Christmas present to myself? a new mop bucket – I am fed up of wringing the mop out by hand!


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