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Natures Sport Kite

I managed to get some pictures of the lapwings flying today – not great pictures but it is a start.  There were as many as 12 display flying around two fields which is such an extraordinary sight.  The way they use their wings in their flight reminds me totally of my power kite … I see the same curvature, same shapes and the same outcomes form adopting that shape … however since I don’t have strings to fly them keeping track through the zoomed camera lens is tricky.

I am just going to post the pictures I have and then try and get more over the weekend and update this post.

The noises these birds make is incredible too … one of their alternative names comes from their calls “Pewit”

Watch for an update note in the title as I have more to add to this.

Footprints …

Dont tell me the sky is the limit when theres footprints on the moon.

It seems rather fitting to end the week with footsteps – after I talked about trying on shoes?  We haven’t been out today to leave our footprints around but we must leave thousands of them every week!

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So that was 2012? The Gallery

So That was 2012?

How was 2012 for each of you?  Of course I know some of the answers from those who are friends as well as readers – but if you are a reader who I haven’t yet ‘met’ I hope you might like to share your 2012.

I thought I would revisit my 2012 using quotes and photographs – but I have split this into two posts so that the gallery of photographs stands alone:

Before I started this blog I had earlier in the year spent some time taking pictures of:

Panmure Passage

Time spent discovering Dundee (City of Discovery) – this sculpture is hidden on the new Quay development; we should be showing it off

Underneath the Tay Road Bridge looking towards Fife … more brown than silvery that Tay!

Demolishing Tayside House

Preparing for a new iconic building – the new V&A

However, in parallel with the demolition of redundant bits of Dundee, my serenity was almost zero … stress was demolishing me

So I started a journey to find the serenity that was missing in my life using Stagecoach East Scotland Megarider tickets and my Camera and lots of walking.  Plus when it was windy enough taking along my kites.

Along the way I have been collecting quotes on my Pinterest Boards which you can visit if you wish here and making designs at MyDeco and of course sharing my photographs.

Although my bus travel is at a standstill just now I have anew energy dragging me along in life … young Pup has come to be a companion to getting older Dog and me.

And my camera has not had such a workout since it was new with my current challenge being taking good moon pictures when the biggest digital zoom I can get is 300mm and my tripod is out of commission.

Tomorrow I will share with you my hopes and dreams for 2013 but tonight I will close my 2012 blog with the last sunset of 2012 and the Moon tonight:

Moon only just clearing the house rooflines

The gallery post will follow in just a moment … Happy New year to you all and may 2013 bring you the love of family and friends, prosperity and good health.

Dog Takes Control

It is happening – Dog has started to work out when it is okay with me for him to discipline Pup … he no longer looks at me first to check.  Just to be clear when we talk about discipline dogs don’t spank each other … a quick, short sharp nip or a brief firm hold round the muzzle or  a is how a dog lets a puppy know it has gone too far.

Why is this exciting? quite simply because Dog never learned to do this with Otto and Otto became a bully where Dog was concerned.  It ended up making Dog very unhappy and even withdrawn, certainly wary.  It has been just over three years since Dog shared his home with Otto.  In that time he has regularly been with me to dog sit my parents pack; each time we visited I would just walk him into the dog yard and there were very few words exchanged between him and their pack alpha dog.  Although I wasn’t their pack’s alpha person when my Dada was around – if he was away they immediately accepted me as the alpha. Read More…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Lots of Mussel …

I had to laugh – paperboy on a bike three sizes too small for him … propelling himself by scooting one foot along the floor; would it not be less tiring to simply walk?  Maybe he is saving his paper round money up to buy a bike that fits!

Then we got to Glamis and I had to chuckle about yesterday’s post – I take it back … you know about less Christmas pressure this year?  at not yet 8am the Christmas Trees either side of Glamis Castle gates are not only in position but are twinkling prettily with their lights already on.  I approve of their style though – simple blue/white small twinkly lights.

After that I spotted a single deer in a field – I think it was a red deer hind from the shape of the face but cannot be certain.  Then after several days of no mobile rocks they were back again on the brae where they should be.  And finally a lovely moment – earlier in the summer a motorist ran over the Muscovy drake at Lumley Den.  The Duck carried on rearing thewir ducklings but I haven’t seen her or them for a while.  This morning there were a number of ducks on the little water across the road and I am sure I spotted some new domestic ducks in the compound.

On the dual carriageway and approaching Dundee another big smile – we have this daft illuminated sign which offers all sorts of weird and wonderful suggestions (I think I mentioned it before) … well today it asked “Is your car ready for winter?”  Last time it had that message Weather Guru told me he didn’t know because he hadn’t asked his car.  I wondered as we passed underneath whether he has yet found time to have a chat with his car and check this out?  Could have asked him directly later on but I forgot! Read More…

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