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Silk Purses and Sow’s Ears!

I have had another day at home so no travels to write about but I have heard the buses going past all day long …

I should start with Dog’s constitutional this morning.  We set off as usual (although later) and as we got towards his stubble field I could see that they have grubbed out a section of the mature beech hedge (right about where the hedgehogs liked to nest) and there was a JCB digger working away which meant the pavement was narrow and barriered.  Dog was excited – he likes big vehicles and is always trying to get on passing buses –  and tried to stick his head through the barrier to get closer.  He was obviously not impressed!  I walked him further on and to a small playing field and he was really quite anxious all the way until his stubble field came back into view.  It is a real nuisance that they are doing this work now and putting  a road through there; we have walked there ever winter since we moved here and I have some lovely photos of the frost and the sunrise through the fir trees at the bottom as well as many happy mornings watching deer.  It is the perfect distance for Pup’s first outings while we instil the discipline of what morning walks are all about … so now I will have to rethink that and fast.

I got quite a surprise yesterday when I wanted to add a photo to the sidebar of the blog – I typed “East of Scotland Megarider” into Google and some of my blog photos appeared in the images listing – as high up as page 4.  So I was able to use my own picture of the bus for what I wanted.  Today I looked at “Tayside Megarider” and I have photos appearing on page 2 of the images.  Anyway that got me thinking about all the photo editing I still need to find time to do so I have made a few simple edits which I am going to share today and explain how I made them better than the raw material.

I am going to start with this little waterfall.  Firstly I am often asked how I have got an effect when photographing moving water; I am not really a fan of he blurred effect in most cases and so I simply set the fastest shutter speed I can manage to use and focus on a solid object immediately close to the water stream.  Holding the focus I move the lens to compose the picture and then take the picture of the moving water. Read More…

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