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Shepherds Delight?

Does anyone remember that blancmange like instant whip Angel Delight? Well this is the healthier version with no sugar or unrefined carbs!!

What an interesting ending to the day!  I spent the first half getting organised for my signing on appointment – when I got there and asked to use the computer that was booked for me from 2-3 (two weeks ago it was booked and I saw it on the screen) I was told it wasn’t booked for me and just to sit and wait for my appointment.  So I sat there for 50 minutes … just sat there ion a stuffy roasting hot and noisy office.

I got to my appointment and it was with the person I had to meet a few weeks ago who told me how to be a good jobseeker – he sounds like a very limp wet lettuce.  I got asked if I had used the computer so I said no I had been told to sit down and wait so that was what I did.  I printed out the stuff an explained to him (sick of explaining this now) that since Universal Jobmatch offers me about a 2% chance of finding a suitable job the majority of my search is on other sites so I had evidenced that with a printout of my browser history.

Then I asked about the “BackonBoard” initiative that Stagecoach are offering jobseekers for 50% discount on bus fares … no he couldn’t deal with that I would have to wait for my adviser interview.  Said I had none scheduled; off he went to ask Adviser but she was expecting an appointment to start.  So I have to trot back there on Friday (he tried to delay it a further week) to see my adviser about the travel card.  Really annoyed me since I had discussed it with her and said if it was extended after January I wanted to have one.

The final irritation was when the limp lettuce booked me  a slot on the computer in two weeks time – he said look I have booked it – well yes so did your colleague two weeks ago and it made f… all difference!

Did a quick dash round the supermarket for  a few odds and ends and then came home. Pup enjoyed a Dentastick (half) which meant he did not try to nip me in his excitement.   After feeding the pooches and having some sausages for a late lunch I set off again to got to a Community Planning Event … which was when I noticed how delighted the shepherds in fact were:

The event turned out to be positive … lets hope we get further than we did two years ago!  But I think the reason the shepherds were so delighted was the announcement of the new Pope.  In a difficult world economy it seems to be a very astute move to elect a Jesuit as Pope … it will offer hope to many that the excesses of the organised churches may be offset somewhat by the leadership of  a person who takes his vows of poverty seriously.  Wishing you Enough Pope Francis I …

Who would ever have thought we would have a Pope who uses public transport? Maybe we could get a new multirider ticket to celebrate?

In this second picture of how delighted the shepherds were you can see my rowan tree form a different angle!

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