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An Octogenarian Gets her Wheels

No I didn’t age and pass my driving test!  The octogenarian in question is my friend Evelyn and the wheels in question are on her new Rollator (wheeled walking frame).  I am so pleased and really do not understand why it has taken so long!  I popped in to see her on my way back from Kirriemuir to check she didn’t need anything given the weather.

Before that little errand it was a normallish Saturday apart from Pup wanting to play out in the snow … lots!  On my way out of the house I fund another food parcel on the doorstep.  I did not look at the contents but did on my return glance at the wee note which tells me my neighbour is distributing food to lots of people and not singling me out and to leave it on her porch if I cannot use it.

1. The contents I did see included butter – we had a conversation about me not using ‘spread’ only butter the other day

2. After I said I did not eat refined carbs the bread being delivered switched to wholemeal – I don’t eat that either if I can avoid it but I had not stipulated that

3. Yesterday included pineapple cut up in a plastic tub – that isn’t something donated for distribution?

4. Someone who suffers from an illness which removes their choices really should understand that keeping on giving food to another person is undermining their ability to make their own choices … specially when food is one of the few choices left to them to make

5. With the time I spend caring for Pup I do not have time to keep running round to her porch.

I will deliver that back tomorrow with a note saying “I do not want any food thank you” … well I will providing a passing dog has not helped itself to the contents of the bag left outside my door overnight!  I feel sad because I know at the bottom of this is an illness which is taking away her choices but her ill health is not my responsibility and I can completely understand why people regularly involve the police when she becomes too intrusive.

Foodwise the Phecken stock is made and is delicious and I have veggies to make some yummy soup tomorrow.  I have UK apples again after a long stint without fruit – what a luxury.  I also plan to use some over ripe bananas to make banana bread.

Weatherwise the snow is thawing underneath but more is falling on top – and for the second day running I have lived in my walking  boots and gaiters.

On my return from Evelyn’s the bus passed me and I go waved at by the driver – think I know who it was but not 100%.  Then it passed me again after it had returned to the town centre and I got a beep … I love my buses and some of the drivers are fun too!

An Emotional Snowstorm

So part of yesterday’s banter on the bus was about the weather for today – and as with Weather Guru the forecast I follow was much different to the more general ones.  I wasn’t expecting snow until tomorrow (when I went to bed last night) but it had snew a little by this morning.  By midmorning my forecast had been updated to reflect almost three days of fairly constant but very light snewing.  This was different still to the general forecast which was to wake up to snowy chaos today.

We have actually had long periods without snow and then a blizzard but it is dry snow and so it is laying and we now have about 4 inches of snow on the ground.  The dog run roof is metal and so they get their own glacier as the bottom layer melts and refreezes and the snow is now overhanging the gutter and forming icicles.

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So that was 2012? The Gallery

So That was 2012?

How was 2012 for each of you?  Of course I know some of the answers from those who are friends as well as readers – but if you are a reader who I haven’t yet ‘met’ I hope you might like to share your 2012.

I thought I would revisit my 2012 using quotes and photographs – but I have split this into two posts so that the gallery of photographs stands alone:

Before I started this blog I had earlier in the year spent some time taking pictures of:

Panmure Passage

Time spent discovering Dundee (City of Discovery) – this sculpture is hidden on the new Quay development; we should be showing it off

Underneath the Tay Road Bridge looking towards Fife … more brown than silvery that Tay!

Demolishing Tayside House

Preparing for a new iconic building – the new V&A

However, in parallel with the demolition of redundant bits of Dundee, my serenity was almost zero … stress was demolishing me

So I started a journey to find the serenity that was missing in my life using Stagecoach East Scotland Megarider tickets and my Camera and lots of walking.  Plus when it was windy enough taking along my kites.

Along the way I have been collecting quotes on my Pinterest Boards which you can visit if you wish here and making designs at MyDeco and of course sharing my photographs.

Although my bus travel is at a standstill just now I have anew energy dragging me along in life … young Pup has come to be a companion to getting older Dog and me.

And my camera has not had such a workout since it was new with my current challenge being taking good moon pictures when the biggest digital zoom I can get is 300mm and my tripod is out of commission.

Tomorrow I will share with you my hopes and dreams for 2013 but tonight I will close my 2012 blog with the last sunset of 2012 and the Moon tonight:

Moon only just clearing the house rooflines

The gallery post will follow in just a moment … Happy New year to you all and may 2013 bring you the love of family and friends, prosperity and good health.

Refined Carb Mice …

I have not had a sparkling scintillating day to share with you all today … it was a short day out after a good long sleep.

Dog and I went along to HIS stubble field for his walk this morning … to find persons with large digging machines digging holes if you please!  He gave them his best “how dare you?” look before he turned his attention to … hedgehog spotting!  Well not so much spotting as sniffing!  He did “leave” it when I told him (the second time) and so this one did not actually get lifted out of bed.  I popped over and peeped to check it was still snug in it’s leafy ball.  Dog obviously got a sore mouth and it serves him right!

After his breakfast as I was getting my picnic ready I noticed that I have had a break in … at my pull out larder cupboard.  I need to check the slider since it appears to be jammed giving the little furballs a big enough gap.  I love baking but with noone to share what I bake I don’ often bother.  The mouse (mice) are obviously not following a low refined carb diet … a 500g bag of caster sugar – empty; a 1kg bag of gluten free flour – empty; half a pack of expensive granola – gone; wholemeal flour – started but obviously too healthy for them; another 500g caster sugar opened – but not yet eaten; but all the healthy stuff that would have given them good energy – like nuts – left alone.  They have clearly eaten the flour and the sugar – otherwise it would be spilled in the bottom of the cupboard and there is none.  Greedy, unhealthy wee critters.

So more mouse traps going down this week.  Hoping Pup proves better at actually catching the things – Dog just tells me they are there.

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Unplanned Excitement … No Mud Involved!

You will have to bear with me for a few moment before we get to the real excitement … but I will give you a clue, they were big and they waved!

Before that though my day had an explosive sort of a start … as usual I caught the wee bus into Kirriemuir and as we arrived on the dot of 07:33 should have expected to see the behind of  a large double decker still there or at the very least easing round the newsagents at the corner.  The driver was surprised that the 22 was gone and he took two of us and dropped us enroute as he set off on a school run.  I had a pleasant conversation with a regular passenger who thought she was being amusing when she said you look like you are off to fly kites and then saw the funny side when I said “I am “.

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When it all Goes Pear-Shaped …

… The Pear-Shaped (person) gets muddy!  So now that has got your attention … make a brew and settle down to read.

So I set off as usual to catch the 22 in Kirriemuir High Street, via the 20.  The 20 was a few minutes late but arrived as the clock changed to the time the 22 leaves at … except the 22 was not there … not even a whiff of exhaust or the purr of a distant engine!  He had left early again.  The one thing I cannot stand is early running buses but what is more galling is for all the weeks I have been using that service it has never left early once until yesterday!

So for the second day I found myself on a 27A headed to Forfar … it comes over the flyover like the bus below (that is actually the 11:45 bus out of Kirriemuir photographed form a high hill).  This morning it was late and the male students particularly obnoxious with their fart commentary.  I was not staying on that bus to Arbroath and the only bus left to go to Dundee was also a College Bus so I got off the bus at East High Street and walked.  No not to Dundee!

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