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Water and Stones make Journeys Too: Business Principles – Risk, Motivation and Curiosity

I want to follow on from my weekly photo challenge post first of all which is where the title comes from really … and then I will describe my day.  What got me thinking about this was the subject of the weekly photo challenge being Foreign and as I walked along I saw a clearly out of place rock on the beach.  Then by chance I spotted a couple of pieces of the white speckled stone that originates at Scurdie Ness. Read More…


Opening the Door: Day 1

What an exciting day it has turned out to be … new discoveries and winsome ponderings.  Where shall I begin?

Perhaps with a question about the photo above – do windfarms blight our landscapes? If it is one as above I rather like to see them – I certainly don’t find they spoil the landscape – however if it was at the concentration they are at in some other areas of Scotland then yes I think they become intrusive.  For me though the bigger issues are around whether they are really efficient at generating power – if they are we do need to use alternatives to reliance on fossil fuels and I am not keen on nuclear power. Read More…

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... the reason rural bus services are so valuable!

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... the reason rural bus services are so valuable!

... the reason rural bus services are so valuable!

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