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A Pixie at the Bottom of the Garden?

Before we get to the little imaginary people I couldn’t help but share this – it is a weed (Rosebay Willow Herb) – you might be more familiar with the fluffy seed heads it will have soon – but isn’t this cerise pink gorgeous?IMG_2328 IMG_2331

So A Pixie hmmm?  I have had a day of concentrating on the Tick Tock plans – lots of numbers and fine detail; lots of thinking and most of the day it has just been too hot for the dogs to be out and they have stayed indoors in the cool.  So when I heard Pup having a little woof  I went to investigate.  His head was buried under the beech hedge and his tail was wagging furiously. Read More…

Pebbles on Life’s Beach

I missed an opportunity today – I should have taken my kite with me … sigh!

Seaton Cliffs, Victoria Park, Arbroath

However in all other respects but one – it was a good day.  The one respect that was not good happened just as I set off – the dogs well settled in their beds.  I boarded the first bus of the day and asked for my ticket.  The driver is comparatively new and it took him twice of not being willing to look for my ticket before he asked for training – so I know that he knows how to do it.  Today I added a level of complexity because I needed a connecting service, as I did a few weeks ago when I made  a similar journey one evening.

He very briefly considered my request and said he didn’t think he could do it.  I advised he could and I had bought the same ticket within the past few weeks.  I was told to sit down to save him the bother (such charm!) Read More…


Today has been about taking stock, letting a team get on with their activity now the bonds have started to form while I got on and did some Tick Tick stuff.  Look at these wee fluffy ducklings making a first journey out of the reeds with Mum .. perfectly beautiful!

Lots of things running round in my mind but they are not coming out into the blog very readily so obviously I need to ponder some more!

British Bank Holiday Weather …

… in other words it has rained all day, been grey and dull and chilly!  So we have sheltered indoors (apart from when I had to go on poo picking duty and then that was hood up scurry out and back again!) rather like this wee rowan sheltering underneath a big conifer …

So now you have tree-porn on the blog too – cuddling in public open spaces whatever next!  not even like they are both deciduous it can only end in strife!

Wave Powered (the Full Version)

I am actually going to add most of this post tomorrow – having got up just after 6 this morning I am falling asleep where I sit and have been soaked to the skin twice so looking forward to getting  a cosy sleep.

It has been a good day with lots to reflect on.  I feel re-energised though, not least from the power of these stormy seas …

Read More…

Blue Skies and Warmth

Isn’t it strange how things just seem to fit together sometimes – like the pieces of a jigsaw? and yet last week you were scrabbling anxiously through the box of jigsaw pieces because you were missing a corner?

I would still describe my physical status as recuperation but I feel positivity blooming again somewhere deep down.  I had to attend an interview this afternoon for a short college course – I went to the open event about it on Thursday and today was the next stage.  However,  just like on Thursday instead of going direct to Arbroath I had to go via Dundee!  Why via Dundee today? well because I needed some photos with me of me and I did not have a spare fiver to go to a photo booth as suggested to me on Thursday!

I filled a Kong with biccies and peanut butter to amuse Pup while h was alone this afternoon and popped it in the freezer – he has sore gums with teething).  That sounds quick and easy doesn’t it? well it might be if Pup didn’t have the hearing of a bat! every rustle of paper or rattle of biscuits brought the small furry one to investigate so it was achieved in about seven separate steps. Read More…

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