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Nae Clippy The Day …

… in other words “Pay the driver people” …  Thinking back to the customer service posts I made – this is a major failing for the bus company, six days a week on one route the passengers pay the Clippy (Conductor/ress).  On Sunday on some of the buses on this same route passengers pay the driver.  This means passengers board the bus and haver in the door way not sue whether there is a Clippy or not OR they march straight past the driver and get grumpy when called back.  The drivers try to make light of it, smile when they hear the same response for the humpteenth time that day … how difficult would it be for the bus company to have a sign that goes in the door of the Driver’s cab to let folk know?

Sorry but sloppy business practice really irritates me.

In the good news department my friend with the Lucky Pebble had found dropped coins this morning … the pebble that keeps on giving!  I didn’t catch the usual bus back – I expect I will get quizzed next week as to why – so I will have to wait to find out whether there was more luck to be had at the Bingo. Read More…

It’s a Wrap!

Today has been a little different … I went shopping!

The day started well (if a little sluggishly) and with a nice surprise during Dog’s walk.  You will remember we talk to two ponies when they are by their fence – I call them Ginger and Missy.  As I stood up from scooping poop this morning I was greeted by a wee mannie (local dialect for a male person of short stature) in the ponies paddock and with the two ponies coming hurtling over.  We chatted about the ponies and that they seemed to like Dog and we always stopped for a chat/scratch/kisses (Dog and ponies not me).  So I know a wee bit more about these girls – it was a nice start to the day.  Spoiled 2 minutes later when Dog decided to go through a fence into the field to eat something disgusting!

When I got to Dundee I decided I did not want to spend £3,20 on an all day Travel Dundee Bus Ticket so I caught the 57 out to Lochee and walked from here to Kingsway Retail Park.  My mission? to use some gift tokens to buy some jewellery making kit. Read More…

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