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Please DO NOT Feed the Gulls …

… their potential aggression is the least of your worries!

Disclaimer:  This thread includes a graphic image which the squeamish may need to squint at to avoid being traumatised – I will post a warning before you scroll down to it!

So are you sitting comfortably? then I shall begin!

I had to make myself begin this morning – I really just wanted to stay in bed.  I know that partly this is a response to my wonderful bus service being spoiled and yes I could catch a different bus and feel energised again … but why should I when the service wasn’t broken so didn’t need ‘fixing’?  Anyway I did haul myself out of bed and via awash, a hairwash, a dog walk and some clothes (not necessarily in that order!) to the bus stop in time.

We got buzzed by a buzzard and I could see about half a dozen roe deer other than that the journey was nothing exciting … well apart from the steel lorry coming the opposite way at Lumley Den meaning the bus had to pull over and there was a scraping noise from underneath … Read More…


Day 13: 22 September 2012

I had decided earlier in the week that the weather forecast for Friday, Saturday, Sunday showed light winds with almost none on Friday or Saturday – so these were beach and visiting days – I have my fingers crossed that tomorrow will offer enough wind to get in a few flights … anyway what of today?  I had a day at the seaside … and what a beautiful day it was too!

I wanted to return to Elie and Earlsferry for several reasons but first I stopped off in Anstruther specifically to see the Isle of May trip set off – I would love to take this trip sometime and love being in boats – but my vertigo especially over moving water challenges me when it comes to embarking and disembarking.   Read More…

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... the reason rural bus services are so valuable!

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... the reason rural bus services are so valuable!

... the reason rural bus services are so valuable!

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