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First Draft Open Letter to IDS …

This is just getting my thoughts together based on my personal experience and that of others who have spoken to me.  Responding to some of the points raised by IDS in that article I attached yesterday:

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Background to an Open Letter to IDS … meet The Work Programme!

Over the past year I have blogged about some of the things that I have encountered in “the system” as an unemployed person; but all that I have already revealed pales into insignificance beside the experience I have had recently on “The Work Programme”; I will write about that today and then go on to explain why Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) has put flawed measures in place and why his latest plans are even further flawed. Read More…


I was going to tease you all a little longer but my secret has already been guessed – this will be Insect Marbella … a highrise of bits and bobs that will provide nooks and crannies, sheltered crevices and even food for the garden bugs.  Now I am not majorly enamoured with bugs but (1) they mostly do a good job n the garden and (2) I don’t feed the birds but this will give them some natural foods to hunt for.

I have chosen to put it against the block wall; it will be tucked in the back of the border, it will be shaded from most of the day’s sun but will get a nice warm on an evening to tuck the little creepy crawlies in for a good night’s sleep.  More to follow as it gets completed.

Pup is currently on hedgehog patrol … so I need to be vigilant and am up and down like a jack in the box.

This will have to be just a tease too because the other views have not finished rendering but this is a whole other sort of jungle inspired desres  – the ultimate tree house?

Built to resemble a big hollow tree with a spiral of steel beams form a central ‘hollow trunk’ –  look at that cosy window seat just waiting to welcome us for a picnic …

A Pixie at the Bottom of the Garden?

Before we get to the little imaginary people I couldn’t help but share this – it is a weed (Rosebay Willow Herb) – you might be more familiar with the fluffy seed heads it will have soon – but isn’t this cerise pink gorgeous?IMG_2328 IMG_2331

So A Pixie hmmm?  I have had a day of concentrating on the Tick Tock plans – lots of numbers and fine detail; lots of thinking and most of the day it has just been too hot for the dogs to be out and they have stayed indoors in the cool.  So when I heard Pup having a little woof  I went to investigate.  His head was buried under the beech hedge and his tail was wagging furiously. Read More…

Pebbles on Life’s Beach

I missed an opportunity today – I should have taken my kite with me … sigh!

Seaton Cliffs, Victoria Park, Arbroath

However in all other respects but one – it was a good day.  The one respect that was not good happened just as I set off – the dogs well settled in their beds.  I boarded the first bus of the day and asked for my ticket.  The driver is comparatively new and it took him twice of not being willing to look for my ticket before he asked for training – so I know that he knows how to do it.  Today I added a level of complexity because I needed a connecting service, as I did a few weeks ago when I made  a similar journey one evening.

He very briefly considered my request and said he didn’t think he could do it.  I advised he could and I had bought the same ticket within the past few weeks.  I was told to sit down to save him the bother (such charm!) Read More…

Well I Never …


I have spent most of today doing maths!  I need to get some professional advice on some aspects of the Tick Tock plans but since I currently have no money to pay for that and I am looking for a ‘free’ initial discussion and then a delayed invoice until my business plan can be completed I am trying to do as much as I can so that the professional advice can be a ‘yes/no’ dialogue.

Eventually it will need the full formal consultation but at the moment I need some things so that we can put costs to the plans I draw up and so we can look at possible funding supports and so on.

So I have sat here with my plans and a copy of the Scottish Building Regs for non domestic buildings. Read More…

All is Rosey?

I did manage to get the wild roses in focus today – and complete with little raindrops – very pretty

IMG_2287 IMG_2288 IMG_2289

And a bunch of keys – Ash Keys!IMG_2290

And finally a very shy pony … this pony came to the fence and snorted and then followed me happily all the way to this gate so I could chat but then it got camera shy!IMG_2291

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