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Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

So the challenge this week is to show what we have resolved for 2013 – well I don’t make resolutions as such but I did post on my deviantArt what I want to improve about my photography:

Ideally I would like  a better, more flexible and more powerful camera – but that is not going to happen anytime soon unless my lotto numbers come up so I have decided to make myself better with the camera I have.  Concentrating especially on:




Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

This is not  a new photograph (Rona September 2008) but is a favourite for many reasons … first the actual reflections of a cow in the sea – yes the sea! and secondly it provides an opportunity to reflect (or even ruminate) on why the beast even thought about doing this at all?

Highland Cow

The rest of the Fold had long since wandered past the cottage and up the wee glen leaving here alone to reflect on her predicament!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Walking on the beach today I spotted a foreigner … no not a holiday maker but a totally out of place rock.  The rock at the top of the picture is the natural rock – it looks like it is folds or pillows of pyroclastic flow (lava rock) in a  soft grey or sometimes green-grey colour.

The rock at the bottom is a dark grey granite type rock and the only one I have seen on this three mile stretch of beach.


That got me thinking then about things that we leave as foreign on the beaches – bricks are a good example but interestingly although foreign to the beach in this shape and form they actually will break down eventually into more beach!


I am going to include more about rocks and pebbles on this beach in my next post later this evening if you are interested in geological stuff.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

This is not a technically brilliant photograph since it was taken with my mobile phone – but this small beach and secluded bay is … Mine!  Well it is until the tide turns and the waders and gulls take it over again …

This is visible form the Fife Coastal Path between Elie and St Monans.

Also on an adjacent stretch of sand – that orange shell is mine! (I took only the photograph though)

And finally – should anyone doubt that I was there … the self portrait of a shadow is mine too!  Taken at Woodhaven (Ruby Bay) beach and the items scattered around on he beach are the tubes of  marine worms (likely to be Sand Mason Worms

With thanks to this blog for helping me with the worm tubes! http://lundinandlargo.blogspot.co.uk/2011/08/some-largo-bay-shore-life.html

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