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To Rent … one Bijou Residence … hardly used

Found under the clematis bush this morning … available for re-siting if preferred!


Colour Makes Such a Difference

So look at this huge range of fence stains … my sheds are in colours form the left hand palette (Wild Thyme) and (Lavender); in a previous garden I did use the Iris with Lavender – because blue tones make something appear further away (think about aerial perspective and the hills and how blue and distant they can look).

For the past 7 years the end of my garden has been painted orange … this photo doesn’t really do the glow justice …

But late this morning Pup woofed his deep woof and when I went out my neighbour had been in and repainted it in a gorgeous rich dark brown … Read More…

The Outdoor Life

Today has been hot and sunny – all day.  Breakfast on the patio, afternoon teas on the patio, glass or two of red on the patio, dinner on the patio and in a minute a coffee on the patio … isn’t that the perfect reason(s) to have a patio?

IMG_2309 IMG_2312 IMG_2318 IMG_2307

Pebbles on Life’s Beach

I missed an opportunity today – I should have taken my kite with me … sigh!

Seaton Cliffs, Victoria Park, Arbroath

However in all other respects but one – it was a good day.  The one respect that was not good happened just as I set off – the dogs well settled in their beds.  I boarded the first bus of the day and asked for my ticket.  The driver is comparatively new and it took him twice of not being willing to look for my ticket before he asked for training – so I know that he knows how to do it.  Today I added a level of complexity because I needed a connecting service, as I did a few weeks ago when I made  a similar journey one evening.

He very briefly considered my request and said he didn’t think he could do it.  I advised he could and I had bought the same ticket within the past few weeks.  I was told to sit down to save him the bother (such charm!) Read More…

Upcycling …

So today promised to be tedious – signing on – advisor interview … rain if it was like yesterday!  So what really happened?

My appointment was 11 so I went out for the 09:46 bus which gave me time to go to the library and print off the evidence of my job searching activity.  We saw the bus go into Kirrie about 5 minutes late so when it got to 10:00 and it had not returned we started to think something had gone wrong.  We got giddy and hatched plans to hijack a spraying tractor and it’s bowser unit.  We set the world to rights – well our little corner of it at least.  We swapped details of our activities once we got to the other end of the bus journey.

A bus went into Kirrie “out of service” so we reasoned that soon we would have a bus …

The next bus went into Kirrie on time and I got a lovely cheery wave from the driver.

We waited. Read More…

The Crow

Although this blog post involves a dead thing – there are no close ups on gory so I have decided to include it here rather than Pup’s training blog because it was actually a lovely interaction:

We had walked about half way along the larch spinney when Pup discovered a prostate corvid.  Now there is something you need to know if  you are not familiar with crows – they apparently taste vile because of the oil on their feathers … many dogs will not touch them at all.  Dog however has no problem picking them up!  Looking at where it was I would guess it had hit the tree and broken it’s neck.

So Pup looked at the this poor dead creature and then looked at me as if to say what do I do? am I allowed?


Read More…


I hadn’t realised but good old Google Doodle reminded me – Summer starts today!  It was a dreich day for most of it but finished up fine back at home.  I was on a  training course al day so not a very exciting day to relate other than I am now a certified Steps for Health Walk Leader.  That means I can conduct risk assessments and submit them for approval, I can prepare for the walks I plan to lead and when my Disclosure arrives I can lead a walk – all I need then is a group of people who want to start walking as a health activity.

Since I have had a few busy days I am going to do a little recap on some photos I might have posted without commenting or some I hadn’t yet had time to include:

This one is the plant known as Cleavers (common names include Goose Grass or hereabout Sticky Willies).  I am sadly very familiar with his irritating velcro plan having had a dog who attracted the little balls everytime he crossed the threshold.  What I didn’t realise – and if I had thought about I would have done so … was that it has flowers! (I know Duh! it has fruits so it must have flowers first?)  Look how delicate and pretty they are in the second picture.

CleaversCleavers, flowers

This is a scene that I look up at often – the hill behind Balmashanner; but when I looked the other day I was sure I saw smoke wafting across infront of the trees.  Panicked I zoomed in to find … the sky peeping through gaps!

And finally since we are now in summer our mind turns to fruits and ripening things … these look very like redcurrants and as far as I can see they do grow wild and there is nothing poisonous that resembles them but I will be cautiously watching to see how they ripen.

And this picture reminds me so much of an upside down bird’s nest – but it is in fact a huge bunch of keys – ash keys!  Hopefully another sing that the Ash Dieback disease is still well away from our beautiful trees.Ash keys

Doesn’t nature create such beautiful miracles for us all to enjoy?

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... the reason rural bus services are so valuable!

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