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Day 1: 10 September 2012

So Day 1:  I had to buy my ticket this morning – so this was the only day this week I did not need to check I had my Megarider with me – but the rest of the requirements had been carefully prepared the evening before and were ready to go.

I hadn’t slept all that well for a while and certainly not last night … but I managed the early start to walk the dog and get myself presentable and to a bus stop.  “Good mornings” exchanged the Megarider was in the bag (literally) and we were off …

It wasn’t long before weather guru shared the weather wisdom for the day – it was expected to pour down in the afternoon!

At this point weather guru did not know of my mission to create serenity by travelling the local Stagecoach network with my camera and I tried to keep my spirits up.  I must be honest the weather was not great – flat grey skies but at least the rain held off … well until after 3 when I was safely on a warm dry bus that is!

Flat grey skies challenge the camera!  I caught a very smart and very new second bus to Perth (via Blairgowrie)  – it was a long way round but I didn’t mind – the views were pretty and I was in no rush.  I got off the bus and the first thing to catch my eye was this … Read More…

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