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It Happened Again!

I say to the dogs at 10pm I am going to have an early night … I sit down to “do just one e-mail and write the blog” and it is midnight and blogging is just starting … what happens to those 2 hours because I have nothing to show for them most nights!

So since I do need some sleep – not for beauty but for health – I will share with you a wild flower, a wild Pup and some very beautiful garden flowers … enjoy.IMG_2260 IMG_2261 IMG_2266 IMG_2268 IMG_2271 IMG_2274 IMG_2275 IMG_2276 IMG_2284


I hadn’t realised but good old Google Doodle reminded me – Summer starts today!  It was a dreich day for most of it but finished up fine back at home.  I was on a  training course al day so not a very exciting day to relate other than I am now a certified Steps for Health Walk Leader.  That means I can conduct risk assessments and submit them for approval, I can prepare for the walks I plan to lead and when my Disclosure arrives I can lead a walk – all I need then is a group of people who want to start walking as a health activity.

Since I have had a few busy days I am going to do a little recap on some photos I might have posted without commenting or some I hadn’t yet had time to include:

This one is the plant known as Cleavers (common names include Goose Grass or hereabout Sticky Willies).  I am sadly very familiar with his irritating velcro plan having had a dog who attracted the little balls everytime he crossed the threshold.  What I didn’t realise – and if I had thought about I would have done so … was that it has flowers! (I know Duh! it has fruits so it must have flowers first?)  Look how delicate and pretty they are in the second picture.

CleaversCleavers, flowers

This is a scene that I look up at often – the hill behind Balmashanner; but when I looked the other day I was sure I saw smoke wafting across infront of the trees.  Panicked I zoomed in to find … the sky peeping through gaps!

And finally since we are now in summer our mind turns to fruits and ripening things … these look very like redcurrants and as far as I can see they do grow wild and there is nothing poisonous that resembles them but I will be cautiously watching to see how they ripen.

And this picture reminds me so much of an upside down bird’s nest – but it is in fact a huge bunch of keys – ash keys!  Hopefully another sing that the Ash Dieback disease is still well away from our beautiful trees.Ash keys

Doesn’t nature create such beautiful miracles for us all to enjoy?

Go Slow or Go Slower?

It is midnight and I want to cry … my computer has got the jitters or hayfever or sommat and cannot make its mind up between Slow or Slower … I will hopefully get back on track tomorrow when I have had a sleep and found the patience to manipulate the wild thing into behaving with decorum again …

Nettles Sting!

It has been quite a day – but first a whine – my hand hurts!  I got stung by a stinging nettle; I rubbed it with a dock leaf (which took me minutes to find) but my hand still hurts 7 hours later!!

I was working on tutorial stuff this morning, which si not exciting enough to write about.  Then I took my boys for their constitutional … things heated up a little!  Look at this foxglove about to flower – it must have come from seed spread from a garden since (1) there are no other foxgloves in the spinney and (2) it is not the native foxglove colour but a soft creamy yellow flower.


Shortly after seeing this Pup started seriously hunting and then a point.  He would not come off point and he tried to flush but something was preventing him.  I tootled on over to find him pointing into a pile of brashings (fallen twigs and branches).  Peering in I could see fur.  Pup poked as far as he could with his nose and I am sure that touched the furry someone but furry someone wasn’t budging! Read More…

We Hunted … the wildest and most terrifying …

… tennis ball!  More explanation will follow but first just look at the body language here …

It took over half an hour to get those – they wouldn’t sit next to each other.  Then I used the ‘mat’ technique to get them to sit on the mat … Dog had to shuffle his mat over first …. and EVERY time I got them sat up Pup followed me as I backed away with the camera.

I had a meeting this morning which went well and helped to crystallise some Project Tick Tock thoughts.  After I came home from that  I had a lengthy text exchange with a very miserable Toxic … who just maybe about ready to listen … we’ll see.

Then the boys and I went for a mooch.  After Pup’s hunts this past week I knew I couldn’t let him keep hunting without a ‘find’ and since he doesn’t know exactly what it is he is hunting that presents an issue.   I planted a tennis ball on our way into the spinney and let him hunt back.  He wasn’t as fluid as the last time but when we got back to the start he did scent out and find the tennis ball and fetch it to me.  I will have to try and take him a few more times when I know there will be no other dogs – no good me planting stuff for him to find if someone snaffles it!  Then I will be able to start planting some of his dummies rather than  the tennis balls.

He does know that he is hunting creatures because twice today he has pointed blackbirds and neither time did he chase them.  My problem with his spinney hunting is he is scenting rabbits but he has never seen a live rabbit, is unaware that the run and doesn’t understand when they have gone underground and the scent just stops.  We’ll get there.

I’ll finish with a gosling update:  I have seen two different hatches of goslings but one of those I haven’t seen apart from when they were tiny.  These though I see frequently – they were originally three and now only two but they are growing really well:

Pre-Flight Checks

If you are going to try and tell another person what to do and how to behave here are a few preliminaries to consider:

  1. Do you have the authority to tell them what to do?
  2. Have you got your facts straight?  Do you know the law? Do you know if the person has the permission to be doing what they already are doing?
  3. Don’t try to give the impression you are somebody you are not!

As you already know I count myself privileged to be able to walk my boys on a local Estate.  So today as we walked down the drive a car appeared behind us.  Pup was immediately recalled and sat up and I popped a finger through his collar.

The car stopped and the chap wound down his window :

“Would you put your dog on a lead.  This is a private estate and we have pheasants on the nest.”

“My dog is under control (didn’t say but thought as I have just demonstrated) and the Factor knows I come here like this”

“Nae Bother” and off he went in hos beat up little car with his sprog all wide eyed and gormless in the back – to go through the newly installed gates to the big house and tenanted cottages.

Did he do his checks first? No!

  • The law states a dog must be under control; the Factor’s Notices state that dogs should be under control at all times.  There is no legal requirement to use a lead.
  • It is a private estate; there are about 4 pheasant nests on the whole estate and they are not where we walk.
  • The private estate is not gated at the part I use so unless I am doing damage there are laws about access as well.
  • He had no idea that I knew he wasn’t the landowner and that the landowner will know about me because the Factor will have told him.
  • He also clearly has no idea that the landowner chairs a group focussing on access to land for recreational purposes and would be mortified that one of his tenants was countering that work.
  • Finally he has no idea that I intend to joint that group because it links to my other pursuits.

In other news I have got a date for my Walk Leader training which will allow me to go on and start the Steps for Health Group Woo Hoo!


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