A Brave Wee Dug …

My wee (not so much now) man has found a new friend in my parents cairn terrier.  She can be grumpy with other dogs but she seems to have taken a shine to Pup (unlike another member of her pack – Pup’s dad is not keen on this teenager who is bigger than him and more dominant).  The cairn allows Pup to spread onto her bed during the day and then this evening one of the others told Pup off and the Cairn stood between them and told the other dog to leave Pup alone.

Just now at bedtime I was talking to the cairn and another (my two are both tucked up in their beds) and the cairn cried.  When I looked I could see she had a wound on her shoulder.  We have trimmed the hair away and in the morning she will be off to the vets for a check and some stitches.  We think we know who has inflicted the wound and I am pleased to say it is definitely neither of mine.

Hopefully later tomorrow my two are going for a romp on the beach – the weather is supposed to be calm and almost balmy!   am also supposed to be taking photos of Pup’s wee sister and she is wee compared to my tall lanky lad.  So fingers crossed you can get photos tomorrow … until then here are my boys cosied up with the cairn.



The dogs are not the only bickering squabblers … so looking forward to my own style of peace and quiet next week!

I had a surprise greeting earlier from South Africa; I got to have a little mooch round Tesco … and then I cooked the veggies and rice put out the cold cuts and a salad.  At least it cannot be said I haven’t made myself useful.  Now I am just waiting for the room to cool before I settle to sleep (the heating has been on all day again because one person was chilly).

Here are a few hints as to next week’s topics … The Work Programme (the exposé); maybe an open letter to IDS; and a summary of One Little Word (OLW) 2013 and a preview of OLW 2014 … but first – the beach here we come LOL


Stormy Waters

So if you have seen the UK weather reports the last few days you will know we are having lovely storms this week … the next has just started to blow up here and it all seems to be hitting the guest room window … so far this week I have had a night disrupted by my dogs woofing; a very early morning to avoid my dogs woofing; a very late night; another night disturbed by my dogs and now I have wind!!!!

However the stormy waters I really wanted to address is some people’s attitudes.  

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Unmanaged Expectations

A few weeks ago I relayed to someone that I was not that keen to visit family for Christmas because their house is always hot and noisy and I always feel that my dogs are the problem because they do not see that their constant noisy bickering means their dogs are not as well behaved as they could be and mine get caught in the cross-fire.

Anyway the person I relayed that to had a few more exchanges of e-mails with me and then just didn’t reply.  This makes me sad especially when it is someone who is aware of my ethos in corresponding with friends and my beliefs about not controlling other people or making them choose certain behaviours.  So several weeks have passed with no communication from this person and I miss them a little … but in the scheme of my life it is not causing me anxiety or something that has destroyed my life.

Today I am indeed staying with family … the house is incredibly hot; the noise is unbelievable (the TV or radio have to be on full volume; their dogs bark often and there is noisy bickering much of the day) and my dogs have become scapegoats.  I feel like I cannot leave my dogs in a room unattended incase either they get let out of the room by family and then I have to go round them back up or they are getting a constant stream of correction in a high pitched voice.

There is a constant enquiry about whether food or drinks are required and we still have not accepted my dietary choices.  It is all very tiring and I have spent most of the past two days sitting at the kitchen table to keep my dogs in as calm an environment as I can. This evening my ankles are swollen (from being in the same position all day I guess).

During the day a stream of phone calls from various people have resulted in those other families being criticised for their behaviour.  This evening our Christmas meal is served.  Now please note I prepared all the veggies so that the cook only had the meat to sort out.  The meal arrived with complaints about having to cook the meal and never enjoying it.  Then after dessert (which I also made) I was left sitting at the dining table alone while they argued over loading the dishwasher.

Just before the meal I got an e-card from my AWOL correspondent; yet I have had no messages from others who usually do send them.  I don’t know how to respond to the e-card … if I engage then I have to be prepared to get it thrown back in my face but I was brought up to show good manners and I don’t feel I can just ignore it but can I hide my feelings?  I don’t know if the sender celebrates Christmas … 

I cannot change the family and I will just have to bite my tongue … 

I need sleep now but I will let you know what I do to address the e-card issue …………………….



Seasonal Cutbacks …

… with a Ho Ho Ho here and a Ho Ho Ho there … as we approach the end of 2013 my financial situation is what might be termed static and so I am resorting to e-Cards and messages on my Social Media to spread my seasonal good wishes to all.  However the e-Card is still a bespoke handmade one featuring a wire wrapped seaglass ornament.  I have only made one gift this year and it is a set of five different seaglass Christmas trees – so I made it do twice the work and featured it for my card too.



However breaking news tells me that I am not the only one making cutbacks … in a shock revelation it turns out that Santa has had to make the reindeer redundant.  A spokesperson at the North Pole attributed the cutbacks to the appallingly wet and windy weather and the ice storms which are causing a global transport slow down for Christmas.  Fortunately some replacements have been found.  

We caught up with these compact reindeer imposters as they rested before their global mission and as we can see they are hopeful of being rewarded with socks full of biscuits!


To all my friends wishing you the warmest Christmas filled with the love of friends and family and peace for our battered world.

Cathy x


Hey everyone … I am back!  My old ‘puter finally said “enuff” (it is not quite at “no” yet) and I couldn’t get into the edit mode in my blog.  I have alternative access now courtesy of a laptop for the Community Council which should free up space and let me get back to daily blogging.

I will have to look back and see what I need to update you all on but to start with what about a wee bodice ripper of a local saga? Read More…

Problems problems

For the second day running I am writing not knowing whether I will be able to post this for you.   I don’t know if it is my computer or the wordpress servers (certainly I am getting server errors and yet no other websites are a problem).

This first picture is just showing you some existing upcycling in the garden with the cobbles and channelled bricks making a path and a patio.  The second picture is my current upcycling project – I am  rebuilding the “square foot” veggie garden using the discarded soffit boards – these are UPVC so will not rot – although in time they may split?

I am going to leave it there although I have other things to tell you because I don’t want to spend time typing it all out and then not be able to post it or lose it.  Please bear with me the next few days if posts don’t appear.

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