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To Rent … one Bijou Residence … hardly used

Found under the clematis bush this morning … available for re-siting if preferred!

An Odd Day!

Pretty pale pink roses peeping over an ivy clad wall …IMG_2348

… frothy lime green flowers on the Alchemilla Mollis …IMG_2349

… a wild rabbit with a white “collar” …IMG_2353


… the hugest bracket fungi I have ever seen (Pup did a lovely sit stay while I took the pictures) …IMG_2343

… oh my! look at the heart on that tree … awwww! …IMG_2344

… pretty mauve flowers on long, long stems …IMG_2345

… tiny white clematis …IMG_2346

… beautiful structural poppy seed heads (love this garden) …IMG_2347

… and Pup tried to knock the estate owner where we walk of his bicycle (oops) who apologised for frightening Pup (LOL).  A bit of welcome relief from the heat and the sun … let’s see what tomorrow brings … off to do some foot and calf stretches to try and solve my sore foot …

Contrary Mary?

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

How does your garden grow?

With silver bells and cockle shells

And pretty maids all in a row

I had a little fun making a shady arbour to sit and read or day dream in out of the hot sun; I wanted to experiment with the beams which can be height adjusted and a room with a courtyard garden.

When we went out for a walk we saw some plants that could well have been in Contrary Mary’s garden – this Astilbe and the foxgloves

IMG_2336 IMG_2332

The foxgloves are now starting to lose their beautiful bell shaped blooms now.IMG_2333

Today has involved continuing to evade the Pixie’s attention (apparently a five year old interpretation of the holiday length was an underestimate!).  A much better dog walk without any repeat abscondments and then a meeting to discuss the next tasks for the “Steps for Health” walking group.  We have had seen next to no sunshine but it has been sultry again and very draining.

Pixie Magic?

So this morning we arose to different weather altogether – overcast and cool and it had rained a little.  My rowan tree and some other plants were decorated with little mercurial droplets – so pretty … of course I know it was nothing to do with nature it is pixie magic left just for me …


Even the last bud on my yellow rose is wide open and sprinkled with droplets on the petals …


Today has been a mixture of trying to complete documents against the clock; tiptoeing round my jungle to avoid the Pixie noticing my presence and an awful dog walk!  Pup disgraced himself with his first serious attempt at ignoring the recall.  I went and collected him but he doubled back so I went and collected him again and put him on his lead.  He went to charge off so I picked him up and put him beside my leg in the correct position and said “There” in my stern naughty puppy voice.  He was ever so good for the rest of the walk through the woods but it made me sad that he had to be on his lead in the woods instead of going bunny hunting however, he does have to learn that when he makes bad choices there are consequences – hopefully tomorrow he gets out of the right side of his bed and we don’t need to repeat the admonishment.

Now if you will excuse me I need to go fill in a few holes which have appeared in my jungle floor … Pup!

A Pixie at the Bottom of the Garden?

Before we get to the little imaginary people I couldn’t help but share this – it is a weed (Rosebay Willow Herb) – you might be more familiar with the fluffy seed heads it will have soon – but isn’t this cerise pink gorgeous?IMG_2328 IMG_2331

So A Pixie hmmm?  I have had a day of concentrating on the Tick Tock plans – lots of numbers and fine detail; lots of thinking and most of the day it has just been too hot for the dogs to be out and they have stayed indoors in the cool.  So when I heard Pup having a little woof  I went to investigate.  His head was buried under the beech hedge and his tail was wagging furiously. Read More…

Busy like a Buzzy Bumblebee

I know that is a a little fuzzy … I did ask the bees very nicely if they would stop still for a second … they told me to buzz off!! boom boom (as Basil Brush would have said to Mr Roy) Read More…

The Outdoor Life

Today has been hot and sunny – all day.  Breakfast on the patio, afternoon teas on the patio, glass or two of red on the patio, dinner on the patio and in a minute a coffee on the patio … isn’t that the perfect reason(s) to have a patio?

IMG_2309 IMG_2312 IMG_2318 IMG_2307

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