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Catch Up

It has been a horrid week in many ways – the weather has been all over the place and I have had a migraine hanging on in the background – possibly related to the pressure of the thundery weather.  Yesterday I just reached the overload point and I just could not sit long enough to do the blog post.

Today has brought violent thunderstorms including some right over the house which made the front porch shake – I have things crossed that that is it resolved.

I didn’t think to make a picture of it but I posted a card that I made today – my Mum and Dad are celebrating their Golden wedding anniversary tomorrow – well done and congratulations to them.

Then I had the nightmare of having to make a good photo of me – I’ll tell you more about why over the weekend.

Now I am about to fold up for the night and try and finally sleep off the migraine …

To Rent … one Bijou Residence … hardly used

Found under the clematis bush this morning … available for re-siting if preferred!

What is Red and Dangles?

Okay who is tittering at the back … no it isn’t a part of my anatomy that has got sunburnt (I know this because none of me is sunburnt – I am reasonably good with the sunscreen).  Just because you laughed I will make you wait to see …

… hand up if you just skipped this and scrolled to the bottom to peek? Read More…

One Man’s Waste …

As the moon rose above the horizon wreathed in the sunset pinked clouds I was just coming in from a stint at the bottom of the jungle.  After a very hot sunny day – which I spent indoors working on some things – I needed some physical exercise and fresh air – so I went to dig a trench.  I am going to but a herringbone of bricks against the fence at the end to make a zig zag edge which is compacted enough to stand pots on.

In digging in the really nice soil I have I found a tonne more glass – in small sheets and big chunks – why anyone buries their windows at the bottom of the garden I really don’t know!  Then I found more slate to go on the slate bed and finally I found two huge local stones buried,  So a shallow bit of digging ended up needing  a health and safety risk assessment and some strong muscles to get the stones out and moved – more hard landscaping  to complete the partial rockery I already have.

Next I wrestled with the network of nettle roots … ladies seriously do not waste money on a fancy gym – find some one with a nettle patch that needs uprooting; it works the core as well as all the arm and leg muscles … and it is very satisfying when you get a big network out in one

An Odd Day!

Pretty pale pink roses peeping over an ivy clad wall …IMG_2348

… frothy lime green flowers on the Alchemilla Mollis …IMG_2349

… a wild rabbit with a white “collar” …IMG_2353


… the hugest bracket fungi I have ever seen (Pup did a lovely sit stay while I took the pictures) …IMG_2343

… oh my! look at the heart on that tree … awwww! …IMG_2344

… pretty mauve flowers on long, long stems …IMG_2345

… tiny white clematis …IMG_2346

… beautiful structural poppy seed heads (love this garden) …IMG_2347

… and Pup tried to knock the estate owner where we walk of his bicycle (oops) who apologised for frightening Pup (LOL).  A bit of welcome relief from the heat and the sun … let’s see what tomorrow brings … off to do some foot and calf stretches to try and solve my sore foot …

I found a patio!

A few years ago I laid some spare slate slabs to make a 2m square patio … today I found it again under the overgrown vegetation … so this evening I sat out on it and had my coffee while the boys messed around nearby.

Pup was totally unaware I was there with the camera

Oh Hello – I bring you gift – plant pot only slightly chewed!

Read More…

Rumble in the Jungle

Well the final assignment in my online course is submitted and now we just wait to see/hear how the outcome works?  I have enjoyed the aspects of learning about different cultures and health topics and enjoyed meeting most of the people I have but a few have been very trying.

Someone who left the team used part of the assignment submission to provide a ‘peer evaluation’ of me saying I had been a poor team leader who had forced her out (funnily enough she told me that about her previous team) and stopped her from doing an assignment in her specialist topic – ever heard of competition?  I added the facts in the discussion box below.  That person has missed submitting with teams previously, left our last team because she couldn’t do things her way, joined another team which became rapidly depleted in numbers, left and formed a team of one, left that and audited the course then returned and formed another team of one.  Some people never learn that they are the one with issues instead of the whole world having issue with them?

Then we have ended up submitting two variations of the assignment because a team member decided they wanted to change something so instead of asking to have it unlocked and discussing the change they just copied it into a new version and added some extremely minor changes and submitted it.  I spent all day yesterday wrestling wit making a video of some slides to add to the original (the computer crashed twice and I had to start over) and if those are now wasted I will be disappointed. Read More…

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