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Pebbles on Life’s Beach

I missed an opportunity today – I should have taken my kite with me … sigh!

Seaton Cliffs, Victoria Park, Arbroath

However in all other respects but one – it was a good day.  The one respect that was not good happened just as I set off – the dogs well settled in their beds.  I boarded the first bus of the day and asked for my ticket.  The driver is comparatively new and it took him twice of not being willing to look for my ticket before he asked for training – so I know that he knows how to do it.  Today I added a level of complexity because I needed a connecting service, as I did a few weeks ago when I made  a similar journey one evening.

He very briefly considered my request and said he didn’t think he could do it.  I advised he could and I had bought the same ticket within the past few weeks.  I was told to sit down to save him the bother (such charm!) Read More…

All is Rosey?

I did manage to get the wild roses in focus today – and complete with little raindrops – very pretty

IMG_2287 IMG_2288 IMG_2289

And a bunch of keys – Ash Keys!IMG_2290

And finally a very shy pony … this pony came to the fence and snorted and then followed me happily all the way to this gate so I could chat but then it got camera shy!IMG_2291

It Happened Again!

I say to the dogs at 10pm I am going to have an early night … I sit down to “do just one e-mail and write the blog” and it is midnight and blogging is just starting … what happens to those 2 hours because I have nothing to show for them most nights!

So since I do need some sleep – not for beauty but for health – I will share with you a wild flower, a wild Pup and some very beautiful garden flowers … enjoy.IMG_2260 IMG_2261 IMG_2266 IMG_2268 IMG_2271 IMG_2274 IMG_2275 IMG_2276 IMG_2284

30 Minutes Out of Sync With Myself

I am going to spare you the nitty gritty – it would turn into whining and then into tears!

Suffice to say that I have felt like I am not quite synchronised all day – my computer has grown two pairs of v shaped digits and it sticking them all in the air at me together.  I am tired of running this and that to try and tweak a few Mb here and lose a few there; I have moved copious amounts of data to the removable hard drive .  So I am going to write this and then switch it off for the night … see if a good long rest has it getting out of the right side of it’s computery little bed tomorrow.

The dog walk was not fun – people in the way; grumpy man with dopey labrador and two absolutely delightful small people who both stopped to wave to me on the way back.  Pup spent most of the walk on a lead which isn’t good and he doesn’t enjoy it.  However I did bump into someone and have a catch up with them on their social enterprise business.

I also found out finally after several times of asking why e-mails I was sending to a particular person were not getting answered – they have changed their e-mail address.  Now I am good okay but I am not a mind reader and so when I casually mention that I have tried to e-mail you about something and would have appreciated a response it is a cue to ask where I am e-mailing you at okay?  Just like Pup has to learn to always watch me and not expect me to be responsible for him if you are part of a team and I need to be able to contact you PLEASE just tell me when your e-mail changes!!!!  And having sent the thing I needed a response on to the correct -mail address have I had a response? NO … my teeth hurt from gritting them!

See I told you it would get ugly – I am going to creep away before I start blubbing with frustration … you don’t want to see me with a smeary snotty face …

Go Slow or Go Slower?

It is midnight and I want to cry … my computer has got the jitters or hayfever or sommat and cannot make its mind up between Slow or Slower … I will hopefully get back on track tomorrow when I have had a sleep and found the patience to manipulate the wild thing into behaving with decorum again …

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