Colour Makes Such a Difference

So look at this huge range of fence stains … my sheds are in colours form the left hand palette (Wild Thyme) and (Lavender); in a previous garden I did use the Iris with Lavender – because blue tones make something appear further away (think about aerial perspective and the hills and how blue and distant they can look).

For the past 7 years the end of my garden has been painted orange … this photo doesn’t really do the glow justice …

But late this morning Pup woofed his deep woof and when I went out my neighbour had been in and repainted it in a gorgeous rich dark brown …

Ignoring the still messy jungle bits isn’t that so much better? now yes I am colour prejudiced I hate orange but even so it looks so much more natural and I no longer want to hide it!

I had a chat with my neighbour about the pixie conversation and apparently they had all been laughing when the pixie was trying to resummon me.

So I went off and did my signing on thing … the Library Computers weren’t working so I set off without my evidence and as I passed Toxic chatting on his phone he spotted me and insisted on a hug … it used to feel nice when he could be trusted now not so much … it made me feel sad!

I walked on down the path and met two wee lassies – maybe 4 years old – looking a little anxious but they said hello.  I smiled said hello and then asked if their mummies knew they were down the path which is quite enclosed between a wall and a high wire fence.  Apparently one of their Daddies knew they were there and they told me they were looking for balloons.  I hoped to turn them back by telling them I hadn’t seen any balloons but they were intent on checking themselves (clearly I am not a reliable balloon spotter).  There was nothing else I could do but hope that they would be okay – but it does make me ask the question what are parents doing allowing kids to go play somewhere like that?  I am all for allowing kids some measure of learning experiences and not wrapping them in cotton wool but those two wee lassies were so vulnerable – it would have taken seconds for a decent sized adult to pick them both up and whisk them out of sight or persuade them to go with them because they saw a balloon around the corner.  It is just the start of the summer holidays and it makes me sad that for whatever reason parents where not taking sufficient care of vulnerable wee bairns.

Anyway after I eventually got home I had  a mini adventure … into the shed for a spade.  No really it was an adventure – the shed is lined with plastic but it was still a bit webby and the doors didn’t open properly – so WD40 the hinges and gently coax them wider.  Gently step in and it is dry and really very clean for a shed.  Collected the spade and my wee saw and the remains of the green shed paint.  Then I noticed something hanging up by the door … cue the nerve making anxiety music that plays magically in any jungle film when about to confront something scary …

That is actually upside down after I have gingerly removed it and carried it up the garden on the spade – disclaimer I do not recommend moving one of these if you find one unless you are certain it is abandoned.

It is very delicate and like very soft parchment or vellum …

I can absolutely assure you that it is dead – they are all dead.  I really don’t like wasps after I was stung by one for absolutely no reason.  I love bees and do everything I can to attract them to the garden and to avoid injuring them.  However I do find the wasps nest fascinating because I have seen them chewing the fibres off my trellis to make  a paper nest with.  I have not seen many wasps this year but there have been a few and it just makes me wonder where their new nest is since the one in my shed was definitely unused now.

After that mini adventure I started a little digging to get rid of nettle roots; in the process I managed to get some new stings!  Under those trees there is a lot of rubble and broken glass – I cannot believe how much broken glass was buried in this garden! and I am still digging it up after 7 years.  I am thinking that I will dig over and rake that area under the trees once it is cleared and then make a kind of woodland area – wish I knew someone who has a woodchipper I could borrow and I would shred all the beech and raspberry cuttings to make a mulch there – but failing that in due course I will buy some bark to go down.  The dogs seem to be happier to go down there for a poo (probably a territory thing to the neighbouring dog) and it would be really easy to pick up on woodchips.  It would also be much less costly than buying some more paving or stone to finish it with and the barkchips will fill in the gaps to the edges of the setts I have laid down there.

Last but not least I was visited by not one noisy swallow but two quiet ones …

Oi – what you making all that bright light flash at us for ????


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