A Pixie at the Bottom of the Garden?

Before we get to the little imaginary people I couldn’t help but share this – it is a weed (Rosebay Willow Herb) – you might be more familiar with the fluffy seed heads it will have soon – but isn’t this cerise pink gorgeous?IMG_2328 IMG_2331

So A Pixie hmmm?  I have had a day of concentrating on the Tick Tock plans – lots of numbers and fine detail; lots of thinking and most of the day it has just been too hot for the dogs to be out and they have stayed indoors in the cool.  So when I heard Pup having a little woof  I went to investigate.  His head was buried under the beech hedge and his tail was wagging furiously.

I walked down the jungle path and spoke to him  … to be answered by a small voice.  I told Dicey that it was rude to bark at people in their own gardens – the pixie told me they are only a visitor.  We established that this was the grandpixie of the older couple who are my neighbours at the end of the garden and that the grandpixie was accompanied by the 9 month old border collie pup who stays there.

We talked about baby birds and puppies, the upcoming attendance at big school by the pixie and the pixie’s forthcoming trip to Europe to attend a  wedding.  I heard about the baby house martin’s killed by falling from the nest at the pixie’s house in a storm.  I had to describe what sort of dog Pup is and tell the pixie my name.  Next the pixie told me that hanging upside down is easy and they are going to do acrobatics.

It was very disconcerting conversing with a beech hedge and not being able to see this 5 year old pixie – I wanted to get on eye-level but had no idea where eye-level was so kept stooping to see.  Eventually I said I would have to go and feed the dogs – it took me another 10 minutes of pixie chatter before I could get away.  20 minutes later I could hear “hello are you still there … hello can you hear me?”

So not only was I talking with a small pixie but I am now under siege until the pixie visit with grandparents is over.  It was a very cute exchange but a little surreal … what a chatterbox!

And Pup just had his very own pixie at the bottom of the garden moment … but his pixie was somewhat prickly!


A decent sized and not very impressed hedgehog – never seen one in the garden before.  I love them but I do hope he has got himself well hidden away before morning because Dog (you might recall) gets hedgehogs out of bed just for fun!  Pup held his point very well and didn’t rush in – but when he did go in he clearly felt the spikes because he jumped back several times.  I popped a slip lead on him but he didn’t need it he had worked out that he wasn;t going to get the hog out of its wedged in location and was happy enough to leave when told.

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