Well I Never …


I have spent most of today doing maths!  I need to get some professional advice on some aspects of the Tick Tock plans but since I currently have no money to pay for that and I am looking for a ‘free’ initial discussion and then a delayed invoice until my business plan can be completed I am trying to do as much as I can so that the professional advice can be a ‘yes/no’ dialogue.

Eventually it will need the full formal consultation but at the moment I need some things so that we can put costs to the plans I draw up and so we can look at possible funding supports and so on.

So I have sat here with my plans and a copy of the Scottish Building Regs for non domestic buildings.  I now many would find this tedious but I actually find it quite interesting and I find it helps me to have a better understanding of how the building can work for the business.  I started with staircases because that was one of my pressing questions – please next time you walk upstairs will you pause and spare a thought for the architect who had to work out the exact size of each step? treads, rises, width, pitch (angle of climb), headroom … and that is before you get to having a landing every 16 steps for a rest and all the handrail stuff.  Then  consideration is needed to whether that staircase needs to be a fire compartment …

I took a break and took the boys out at that point with my head still buzzing with trigonometry I thought I had long ago left behind.  I took Pups half rabbit skin dummy for his ‘find’ today.  He had great fun hunting bunnies – he was working the cover like a spaniel with his tail going.  I was just taking the photograph at the top of the post when I saw a flash of white.

Pup had flushed a bunny which went zapping across the spinney floor followed by Pup bounding like a kangaroo!  He followed it into cover and pushed it a little further, going about 20 metres after it before he stopped of his own accord.  I gave him a turn whistle and he hunted back up to where he flushed it and then came straight in to me for  a reward.

When I think that just  months ago this creature was eating rabbit poo the whole time we were there and now he never gives it a second look even when he stops to inspect a rabbit couch.  We turned back and he hunted through cover and over the little mounds and branches very carefully and deliberately.  Just as we got back towards his ‘find’ I realised that the landowner was in an adjacent paddock working.  I pipped Pup’s whistle to stop him and direct him towards his ‘find’.  Firstly I didn’t want him to shoot off to mither the chap and secondly I wanted to warn the chap if Pup did hurtle up to him and finally I wanted Pup to remember his ‘job’.  He took the direction and pointed his dummy in a tricky location – this time there was no hesitation and he didn’t need Dog to be sent in to encourage him to pick it.  It was brought cleanly to me (although not quite to my hand) and he claimed his reward while I replaced his harness on him which I had taken off for him hunting.

The chap had a dog with him that gave a wee woof but Dog behaved and Pup only gave a little whiffle in return and then I walked them away on leads a few metres to stop him going back.

I was very pleased with Pup today – it was exemplary obedience and he did everything I asked.

So back here I went back to my calculations and the “Well I never …” moment.

I think most of us realise that women’s toilet facilities and men’s are different in public buildings?  I realised that there would be a minimum size for the cubicle but what has really left me frowning is that having calculated how many toilet facilities TickTock needs in the public areas (according to Building Regs) there seems such disparity.  For 190 men I need to provide 2 cubicles and 4 urinals, which requires 3 hand washbasins.  For 190 women I need to provide 10 cubicles and 10 hand washbasins.  That means something like 15m² of toilets for the girls and just 6m² for the boys!

Now those figures would be the most people that would ‘fit’ in the premises per the calculation but I am not expecting to be catering for anything like that number 95% of the year.  I will also definitely be providing an accessible toilet for disabled use and a baby changing space which may mitigate some of the cubicles required.  I think previously they had three women’s cubicles and one for the gents and no disabled toilet … so I will be arguing that 4 cubicles in the ladies, 4 cubicles and 4 urinals in the gents plus the disabled toilet will be adequate for the anticipated volume of customers.

Who would have thought that so much effort would go into these things … some of the public conveniences I have used since I started the blog have definitely not come up to Building Regs standards!

I think tomorrow I will be moving on to calculations for a drying room and to think about heating solutions.  By Sunday I should have a rough plan of cabling (it will be very approximate since I am not an electrical boffin at all).  By Monday I think I will have a set of plans I am happy to share with the owner/developer for his initial consideration.


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