The Birds and the Bees!

It is okay you can open your eyes – no sex in this blog!  No photographs of birds either but we have had a bit of a day of it!  Dog breakfast time was visited by a curious blackbird who landed just behind Pup – who fortunately was busy with his breakfast and keeping an eye on Dog’s breakfast.  The blackbird looked sideways at me and seemed to realise it’s mistake before making a couple of nonchalant hops as if to say “I meant to do that you know” and then flying off.

On the way out for our walk I was stopped for a chat by a neighbour and was very pleasantly surprised at how calm both the boys were – for the most part sitting quietly and waiting.  That delay did allow Tony Terrier to set off in front of us and I expected Dog to start yipping but no he stayed calm.  Dog did however make a mistake when we got to the edge of the hamlet – Pup cocked his leg, Dog decided he needed to pee too but in an effort t get as close to Pup’s pee as possible and cover it up he got his head peed on!

We continued and Tony Terrier disappeared at the bottom of the lane and so we turned into the larch spinney.  Having dropped a dummy and some kibble for Pup to hunt on the return we set off through the trees.  Dog found the crow first and I was expecting a tug of war between them but he gave it up to Pup immediately.  However Pup then decided to run off and play.  So Dog got tied to a tree again and like before stayed very quiet and well behaved.  Pup got whistled up and he did come to me without the crow but dodged back again before I could catch his collar.  I got him to retrieve the crow to me the second time after I had clipped his lead to the harness and he couldn’t get far – he has to understand that it is my rules and what I say is what he does.  I did then do what I try to avoid and walked with him on his lead to a point where I could clearly dispose of the crow – generally if a dog brings one something  it is considered bad manners to dispose of the gift so visibly … I cannot afford the two of them to fight over something which is going to get more manky by the day.

The rest of the walk passed with out incident


Look at those lacey leaves and the spotty flowers

This tree has had the bark scraped off by a tree toppled in the gales a few weeks ago – the fallen tree is there at 45 degrees above the path stuck against this one – look at the resin coming out of the trunk

and I think these are wild gooseberries – won’t be picking those since it is a fruit I detest; but if I am right then that is raspberries, redcurrants, elderberries and gooseberries all within that little stretch of woodland and possibly some hazelnuts – truly nature’s larder on our doorstep.

On the way up the lane I paused to take this picture of the pretty vetches and a van turned down the lane.  I was really pleased that Pup responded immediately to his whistle and to a hand signal to stay close and move to the opposite verge and then sit up.  I still took his collar as the van passed but he is getting close to being able to reliably sit up next to me and ignore passing vehicles.

The bumble bee in the top picture is also on vetch but that was close to the town centre when I wandered up to do some messages.

That 15 minute walk was awash with nature’s patterns from wheat ears, to daisies, to dock flowers, to bally alliums, cow parsley and a strange seed head – let’s take a look?

The final flower I snapped was a dog rose – unfortunately the rose didn’t come out sharp enough so I will have to try that one again but I just love these buds which are waiting to bloom:



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