Ticked Off!

So there you are just lying in the sun minding your own business, quietly snoozing … and a puppy pokes you to as you to play … you would possibly be a little ticked off? well Dog wasn’t he looked at me and then  put his head back down and dozed back off.

It is lovely to seem him so relaxed out in his garden.  He has always loved being out there when I am at home and the door is open but he used to just sit or hide in his Digloo … since the Pup arrived Dog fully relaxes out there.

But it wasn’t either of them that were ticked off.  We went for out walk and met “If you want it Bonny ask Jonny” with his wee dog Rab.  Now Rab was a bit ticked off … Pup was too bouncy and much bigger than the wee Jack Russell; Dog was too noisy – but what really ticked Rab off was that my dogs expected to be close to me than him!  He put his front feet up on my knees and growled at my two! He wasn’t really being rude – he is used to meeting me in his car when he sits on my knee (and my dos aren’t there!)

I could be ticked off about this lovely structure growing in Dog’s stubble field …. but what is the point it is going to happen

So if none of us were ticked off – who was?  Evelyn!

I want to visit complete with my secateurs and some gardening gloves and arrived about 15:40 … I was greeted with “I wasn’t expecting you this late” (In winter I wouldn’t dream of going that close to 4pm but in the summer it is still bright and light and she has the curtains still open).  I apologised that I had got talking while out with the dogs.

Before I had sat down the leaflet from a box of medication was thrust into my hands with an order to read the second paragraph – which was about contra indications, as she said “I didn’t think it was that serious”.  Puzzled I tried to understand what this was about but all I got was “Well I have holes in my bones but that makes it sound much more serious” .  Still puzzled I started to say that paragraph didn’t sound serious and got told she hadn’t pointed to that one!  Eventually I found the information that told me the medication was for Osteoporosis.  I offered reassurance that many many people get osteoporosis and that she shouldn’t worry – it is to prevent her having more fractures if she falls.  That got me told I am cleverer than her – people think she is simple.  To demonstrate the ‘holes in her bones’ I picked up the place mat from the table and showed her the smooth side and said this is what bone looks like when we are young but as we get older the bone gets more like this – as I turned it over to the rougher cork side.  Is it too much for doctors to explain things so that an older person understands without getting panic stricken and upset?

Having got through that discussion the next question was “Do you hide when you see me in Kirriemuir?” “No, why?” “Well people keep telling me they have seen you in Kirrie but I never see you there”  I laughed and said well that is because I am usually there in an afternoon when you are not there.  “Hurumph well I says she has seen you there a lot of times” “Several times when we have both caught the 3 o’clock bus …” “When I am sitting here waiting for you” “No on days when I have told you I cannot visit because I have to go sign on”

Next Evelyn got in  a strop because the news depresses her and there are so many violent attacks the world just isn’t safe.  I offered reassurance that the attacks she hears about on the news are not as frequent as she imagines and it shouldn’t make her feel unsafe.  I spoke about tolerance between human beings but got a mouthful of rhetoric about who is responsible for all the acts of violence – I am not going to repeat it here because some of the comments were not only ill informed but rather unpleasant.  When I suggested she could avoid watching the news she took her hearing aid out and put it on the chair arm like a petulant child.

That still wasn’t the end of it … Aberdeenshire has apparently had horrendous snow fall (news to me but what do I now I don’t watch TV) and North West Scotland gets worse weather than anywhere else (despite the fact it is in the gulf stream and gets extremely mild weather for much of the year!!!!)

Weary of being brow beaten over everything I went out to do the bit of gardening that needed doing (I think I have filled the dustbin wrong but how was I to know?).  When I had finished I was bullied into staying for tea – since I had arrived so late and she wanted her tea.  I know she is an elderly lady who often feels lonely and left out but I cannot sit with her 24 hours a day.  I know it is not just me that has noticed this decline in her and how argumentative she is becoming … and Evelyn will drive people away if she carries on – but how to get that across so a mid-octogenarian?

So I was well and truly ticked of by her ladyship today!

On the upside these made me smile again:

We may yet have May Blossom in May (I cannot remember the last time the hawthorn was so late and it is unthinkable that Ma blossom may only appear in June! I don’t dare tell Evelyn – she will want me to fix that too.) Time to close according to my Dandelion Clock!


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I have an interest in how interior design and adapting a home to support living independently for longer can be complementary. The blog Life Long Design is part of an holistic plan for establishing a social enterprise which will offer the people of Tayside opportunities to explore Telecare and the wider scope of assistive technologies. Enabling individuals to make more informed and responsible choices in the care and support they need in their independent living. I am also keen to see public transport more widely adopted and sustainable rural bus services in particular supported. The Blog Travels with a Megarider shares my journey to find serenity in my life as I make that transition form employment to social entrepreneur. One of my methods in increasing serenity is to travel as many miles as I can on a fixed price bus ticket and explore my own local places of interest. Places that I used to go past and had never stopped to look at; places of peace and tranquility; places where I have had some wonderful conversations with complete strangers. I would like to share with you a response to when I described that one paragraph in an e-mail made it sound simple: "Believe me, Cathy, it does not sound simple. You are taking on an incredible challenge for all the right reasons. It is ambitious and admirable - the sort of project that can change lives, including yours." He is right it is ambitious but when did we every achieve anything by settling for the status quo and ignoring what doesn't work for people? So I would welcome your company from time to time on this journey either simply as a reader or if you are brave enough adding your own thoughts to the comments as you feel moved.

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