Beauty and His Beasts


Let me make this clear – neither of these count as beasts – but I would love to know what Pup said to make Dog pull that face LOL; if you have a caption please feel free to add it in comments at the end.  I absolutely promise that Dog hasn’t just had a wallop which is a little how it looks.  I only took this because Toxic wanted to see how big Pup is now compared to Dog.  The trouble is that Pup hates to sit still when he has so much of a walk to do – all those blades of grass to sniff and all that leg cocking he has suddenly found he has to do … so getting the two of them sat together within the space of one photograph is an achievement in itself.

Before we continue with the walk I got  a nice surprise today –  a small tax refund; I was anxious that I had overspent at the supermarket by £1.71 the other day and wondering what was going to happen about dog nosh since Amazon have not delivered as quickly as previously … well now those worries are dissipated and I have been able to restock the larder with basic essentials and also buy Pup his first collar and tag (yes I know he should have been wearing a tag for months but I wanted to get a slider tag instead of one of the dangly sort and I wanted to get him a collar of his own when he was finished growing.  He did have the first puppy collar from new but the two in between have been second hand.  He may still grow a little bigger in the neck so I have gone slightly bigger for his new collar.  Dog is getting a replacement too with a new tag so they will look very smart together.

So I was able to make another journey to Forfar but first the boys and me went for our walk.  Just after the picture above was taken Pup caught sight of his beasts, which I hadn’t noticed were laying down by the gate.  He set off at full speed and very sweetly turned  round half way to check he was okay to continue.  The beasts scrambled to their feet and scampered a short distance away BUT very importantly Pup did not make one single bark at them.  Dog and I arrived at the gate and the beasts returned to see Beauty – and P370 (who seems to be the Union Man in the herd) came and very gingerly touched noses with Pup and then very carefully touched my hand although having just watched him poke his tongue up his nostrils I am not sure I really wanted to touch his nose – I got a little lick with a very rough tongue.

IMG_2039 IMG_2038 IMG_2037

Anyway after Beauty had received the love and affection of his Beasts we returned home.  We saw two dogs on leads while we were out and Dog was very good with very minimal barking unlike Pup who is fine off lead but barks and fusses when he is on lead.  Dog earned them some oily fish on their dinner for his exemplary behaviour.

I then caught the bus into Forfar, got some dog food and a couple of Kevlar Ducks.  I had some lunch – I ordered a Croque Monsiuer that apparently came with salad; I was disappointed to find that during the time I have been isolated form the world “salad” on a menu refers to two tablespoons of coarsely grated carrot with a vinaigrette dressing.  Sorry but carrot isn’t the ideal accompaniment to a toasted sandwich and it isn’t  a salad.  I also ordered a cappucino – g;ad I ordered a large because I wouldn’t have seen the standard size!  It was nice to be able to have a treat but it was disappointing.

I stopped off at boots for some cold defence nose spray and some more HayMax balm and then I headed to the other supermarket for some store cupboard staples, some fresh fruit, roasted nuts and two boxes of tissues … very decadent!  When I arrived home after a little “pay it forward” effort on the bus (lassie was short of fare so rather than let the driver take the shortfall I dropped it in his coin tray as I got off) the boys were very excited – first of all to have oily fish with their tea and secondly to get a Kevlar Duck each; Pup chose the green one and Dog was happy with orange and for five minutes we had harmonious Kevlar Duck Quacks (Squeaks).  Then I looked ad this is what I saw:

IMG_2043 IMG_2044

Clearly a case of this one is mine AND this one is mine, along with the piece of carpet I stole form Dog and the stuffing I pulled out of Dog’s bed earlier on!  Someone is  a little greedy me thinks.  I don’t think Pup will find it quite as easy to take control of both the Skineez toys when they arrive since they are Dog’as all time favourite toys!

I might add that Beauty is not smelling so handsome tonight either – he is very windy and it is smelly wind – which will be wafting round my room later!

The roadworks outside refuse to go away – although they did a big clear up this morning which effectively trapped us at home for several hours and the traffic lights are working again when I popped into Kirrie after teatime I found the rubber strip holding the traffic light cable in place across the road – was in fact not doing what it should.  The rubber strip was getting pushed by vehicles in opposite directions and had formed a big twisted section sticking about 8 inches off the road.  I pulled the rubber strip form the safety of the side of the road to minimise it and I called it through to the Police for further attention because once it is dark drivers will not see that twist.  Apparently the police did come and look at it and went away again  – nothing has been done and by the time I returned on the bus the strip was rucked again.  I am a little disappointed by the police given that they were happy enough to ask for my help at 10:30 the other evening!  Anyway I tried to make sure all the bus drivers on this route tonight knew so they could be cautious and I spoke with the neighbour whose driveway is in line with the rubber strip – cannot do any more.

So another day done – don’t forget if you have an idea what Pup said to Dog just before I snapped that first picture leave a comment below …


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