Naked Feet Day

You will have to wait to hear about the naked feet …

I started my day with a letter from the bank … the numpties had reactivated the card before the card they had cancelled – it doesn’t even seem to have occurred to them that I may no longer have that old card or the PIN!   As it happens I do have both and so I was able to access my JSA after 10 days of no access.  So all the extra correspondence will now be going to the Ombudsman – you couldn’t make it up you really couldn’t!

So my plan for the day was a long dog walk since the builders were back next door and then a trip to the supermarket to do my fortnights shopping.

We went back the same route as we did the other day when we explored the wood at the far end of the estate but before we got that far Pup was running along the burn bank just above me and bumped a hen pheasant – which flew off.  He looked a bit surprised and followed her a few metres before stopping and looking.  We walked along towards the owl roost tree to see if I could find more pellets.  As we had approached that field I saw and photographed what I am sure was a mink (definitely a four legged something) and when I look closely at the photos I think it is carrying a small bunny.  The photos are not good enough to publish – I was too far away but just something else for me to look for another time.  I did take  a picture of the new beaver damage from earlier this week.

We turned back and then down towards the woods.  Pup found what I think was half a rabbit skull which when he dropped it I stepped on to hide from him.  Instead of turning through the middle we went right to the end and then along the edge of the woods finding this handsome bracket fungus enroute:

and this puddle full of deer footprints

Shortly after this Pup brought me what looked like a shoulder bone and it was a good size so I am guessing either from a young deer or  a fox.  It was an old skeleton and I am told there are no foxes on the Estate.

We walked on around the edge of the wood and I could see a cock pheasant through the netting fence in front of us on the road alongside.  I called Pup back briefly since there was a car coming and I didn’t want to risk them suffering  a pheasant strike on the windscreen.  Once they had passed I set him off to try and get him hunting but we must have been the wrong side of the pheasant which kept about 30 m in front of us along the fence line.  Then it came under the fence and straight in front of Pup – not sure which got the bigger unsettlement!  Pup set off after it and i took off so he stopped and returned very pleased with himself.  Next time he sees a pheasant that close I will be using his stop whistle to try and get a controlled flush instead of a chase.

Seems to be  a week for bones since I took a quick snap of this skeleton.  We continued on through the woods until we saw a familiar landmark:

I decided to turn right here rather than going left out to the road and return along to the track we took into the woods.  This took us past some more impressive bracket fungi and a section of white grass.

As we walked back away from the woods we saw a buzzard flying and then settle

By the time we returned home  we had covered over 5 miles and Pup was visibly tiring.  Tomorrow will be a short dog walk day to let him rest.  He returned home with a wet behind from taking a dip in one of the dykes when he wanted a drink and smelling rather noxious after rolling in something I know not what!  Tonight he has had a rub down with a doggy freshen up wipe and a good groom to see if we can get him smelling  a wee bit more doggy!  If it is no better tomorrow he may be finding out about baths!

Having got them settled for a rest I decided I needed to get changed a little before setting out to the supermarket and after a winter in boots and a five mile booed walk my feet were begging for freedom.  It was a mild and warm day so I got them out of boots and socks and put my Fitflops on … bliss.  Tomorrow I will be painting my toe nails and whilst I won; be wearing my Fitflops every day just yet  I can feel the workout my legs and behind have had from just a couple of hours and a couple of miles of walking in them.

I walked into Kirriemuir and drew cash and waited for the bus to Forfar.  The driver couldn’t find my Jobseeker ticket so my crib sheet came out again to help him out and when the drivers changed over in Forfar he thanked me for showing him a new ticket.  The arriving driver was intrigued and wanted to know what special ticket and showed him another way to find it.

I had to spend a little extra today at the supermarket to get the benefit of a £7 voucher.  I added it up as I went round; I added it up  a second time because I managed to cancel the running total part way through and I added it up a third time to check.  Put everything through the checkout and it wasn’t enough.  The checkout operator offered me to go and get something else to make it up but I hate when people do that and said no it would hold the queue up.  When I got out of the store I checked the receipt and found he had only rung through one milk and not two and that was the difference.  I went back to the customer service till and asked them to charge me for the milk and give me my £7 off and they did.

So after a long walk, a stroll in my Fitflops and a tussle at the supermarket I am well exercised today and feeling  a wee bit sore.  You might remember my photos of the swans uptailing at the Loch of Kinnordy from a few weeks ago? well I have been using one of those pictures in some creative stuff so I am going to leave you with my modern day Crannog home

And to make a modern day Bird Hide for youngsters interested in ornithology:


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