Gruesome Fascination

Disclaimer:  This post contains images that some people might prefer not to look at; contents includes small creature bones.

There is nothing really gory and I find it quite fascinating but respect that not everyone will.

Out on the dog walk today, having sat up beautifully and ignored the pony girls, Pup retrieved another item I would perhaps he had left where he found it … yesterday it was underpants today it was a sports sock but it looked as if it was soiled like yesterday’s underwear … nice!

However having left that item where he dropped it we walked on under the larches and suddenly he started to squish his shoulder into the ground.  I got him to stand up and could see a grey fluffy ball which he retrieved to me when asked.

Bird of Prey Pellet

It is a pellet regurgitated by a bird of prey; initially I assumed it would be from an owl but having done some reading I understand  they don’t often contain bird bones and are hard/glossy on the outside where as this was softer – more like cotton wool.

I popped it in a poo bag to carry it home.

We then had some fun with some tennis ball retrieves across the dyke until my feeble girly throw dropped the ball in the dyke and both boys had to help each other retrieve it.

Bird of Prey Pellet content

So I popped the pellet into some warm water and let it soak apart and these are the bones/bits of bones I have collected out of the feathery mess using my long handled tweezers – ladies I can reassure you these were tweezers from my tool bag and not form the bathroom cabinet!

Clearly there is a lower leg and foot from a small bird – I am thinking along the lines of  a thrush?  Many of the small pieces of bone are hollow but there are also some very tiny bones.  I know it is morbid but I find it fascinating and exciting to find a bird pellet after never finding one in my life before.


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