The Ice Skating Jury …

I am not going to write too much today … the physical stress has hit harder today after yesterday’s emotional stress and I heard some sad news.  Part of the reason for not saying more is that my complaint to the bank has now been formally logged (9 weeks too late) and I need to let them follow a process towards resolution without jeopardising it here.  The other part is that I am so very tired I don’t think I will stay awake long enough to tell you the whole thing!

Anyway I got up early and did a dog walk; Pup was very confused about going for exercise before breakfast and was obviously hungry.  He did however make me laugh out loud.  The other week he ‘wombled’ a yoghurt carton and took it down the lane, only dropping it when Dog had the altercation where he slipped his lead and ran off.  I didn’t manage to take evasive action so this morning Pup scooped it back up and trundled along until he got to the 3 day old horse poo.  He now knows “leave” and that he is not permitted to eat it … I heard a scraping noise and there he was using the yoghurt pot like a JCB scoop as he went along gathering poo!  I could not help laughing – it was so funny and so accidentally ingenious.

After breakfast we had a bit of R&R before Pup went to his crate and Dog settled on the bed.

The bank had instructed me t order a taxi and had put the cost into my account to cover it – but of course I could not use my PINless card to pay so the driver had been asked to quote on the basis of waiting for me at the bank.  His taxi was very luxurious and he was very nice, we were early at the bank and he had no problem with providing me the receipt up front and waiting on trust.  The bank should be looking at this as very high quality customer service.

Having drawn the cash and paid the taxi driver I just had time for a couple of messages including a wee and getting some painkillers for my head.  Then it was on the service 39 to Arbroath – it was so lovely to see the sea as we went along and it did cross my mind I could run away and walk on the beach instead of what I was supposed to be doing.  I did get a walk around Keptie Pond and that is where the photos are from – I have to tell you it was perishing cold … even by my standards.

I attended the event and have asked for an interview to get a place on the course – so I will be back there on Monday!  I managed to shop for essentials just before the bus arrived (the number 27) to take me to Forfar and change to a 20 for Kirriemuir and home.  Since I got home the physical side effects have taken over – I am stiff, sore, shivery and tearful (AGAIN); I have  an annoying tickly cough and a stuffy nose … lovely!  It has been suggested I should record these emotional and physical side effects to deliver a log to the bank so hey can understand what they do to people.  I had to deal with an aspect related to my mortgage as well and I don’t have words at the moment to describe those feelings.  I did however take the boys for a second walk and make myself eat some toast and tea.  Oh and I fixed my kneeling chair and my neighbour popped n about their upcoming refurb.

Here is the more lighthearted stuff I want to share with you all.  Keptie pond is often frozen over in winter – although not today; today there was a good variety of waterfowl:DuckMallards

These are not the same – at the back is a coot and at the front a moorhen



Cormorant (juvenile at top) sitting in a fir tree!

But these cormorants are what made the title – all they need are two small white boards each bearing the numbers 1 to 6 on each and they could be judging an ice skating competition!


And now to the sad part … while I waited outside the bank someone I know spoke with me – she shared the good news of her engagement but added that she had texted to try and share the happiness with Brenda who did not reply.  Brenda had an accident just before Christmas and died mid January.  I knew Brenda from the bus and she had only recently retired and was very excited about the trip of a lifetime she and he husband were to make in March to China.  They had splurged on this because thy wanted to make it as special as possible for themselves.

I will miss Brenda’s pragmatism and kindness as I am sure all her family and friends will.  Her husband has been persuaded to make the trip on the basis that Brenda would be scowling down at him if he didn’t.  I hope one of the sights he may see is the fishing cormorants and so it felt very fitting to see them today.

I would like to dedicate this post to Brenda and her memory; given the opportunity she would have empathised with the tough bits and enjoyed the humour in equal measure.


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