Pup Meets the Ponies

Curled up together

I was good – I got the stuff I had to do done and then we went out to meet the ponies.  Now Dog knows each of these ponies individually – has rubbed noses with some of them and barked at a few.  There are four paddocks each with around 10 ponies at this time of year and we walked round the paddock with the big boys in.

I kept Pup on the extending lead initially to see how he reacted – so glad I did because he dashed forward and barked – he has a really deep bark for a puppy.  The nearest pony (a good 10m away) turned and ran and Pup would have chased after it.  He was not for giving up on barking at the pony so he did eventually get scruffed – I don’t shake him just get hold of the loose skin on his neck gently but firmly so he knows I am not pleased.  This is saved for those occasions when he is really naughty as a mother dog would do with her pups.

We got to the top of the paddock – it was very muddy up the track – and two clydesdales came over to see me.  One of them is new but the other is an old friend who I call Bonnie – here is an online painting I did of him a few years ago:


Bonnie is  a very gentle giant who loves to lean on my shoulder and get a neck scratch.   It became clear Pup was scared when the ponies were this close an he stood on his short lead behind me and trying not to let these big scary things see him.  I spent  a good five minutes like this so he could realise that the horses were not going to hurt him.  As we turned away I called him up and took him off the lead –  I knew his fear would keep him form chasing them now.

I didn’t get any photographs because both dogs were being disobedient and hard work.  After they were settled at home I popped along to see Evelyn because I was worried about her the other day.  We had about 40 minutes to chat before her other visitor arrived and I left them to watch their TV together.  I went for another dander in the Den which was much easier walking now most of the snow and ice are cleared.

Really old notice …

Look how high up I am … no shakes and no vertigo

So another sunset over and gone.  Now if you could just tell me what I have done to hurt my wrist … I am assuming it was something during the dog walk when they got themselves tangled up  – thank goodness for PC’s – if I was having to write this out longhand and draw all the images you would have been waiting a few days!


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