Crying Over Spilled Milk – Yes or No?

We will come to the milk in a wee while but first let me update you after Community Council last night.  The Secretary resigned at the last meeting in what might politely be termed “a huff” and at the time I made an offer to be a liaison point for incoming correspondence as an interim measure.  Before the meeting last night the Chairman asked me if I was still able to do that and if so he would like to take me up on it.  So for now I am Acting Secretary and need to spend a few days finding out where everything is upto and changing contact details for everyone.  One of the things I am tracking down is scoping documents relating to a windfarm proposal that we need to reply to within two weeks.

You will also remember by bus shelter geekery in the summer – well those examples I forwarded to our Councillor have been submitted to the Officer leading on a new heritage fund that Angus Council have been successful at winning  for Kirriemuir.

I had to leave early to come back and do Pup’s supper – he was so excited to see me but then couldn’t settle so it was a late night for me.


The moon was hidden behind some trees – so I managed this rather eerie shot with the branches blurred in front of it

Having only managed around 6 hours sleep I wasn’t my brightest this morning but when I put the milk for my latte into a jug I did push it well back on the unit.  Despite that I turned from returning the rest to the fridge as a clunk was followed by a lapping noise.  This is called the How much do you love your puppy test?  The little love had hooked the milk jug and poured the entire content out.  A little was on the floor and down the unit but the rest was right round the circular sink.

I could have cried because I did have enough milk for two more lattes … which would have eeked me close to next ‘pay day’ on Monday.  Never mind, I mopped up, then I got out the last of the milk and popped in the jug in the microwave.  But I didn’t cry because at the end of the day it is a little bit of milk – that is all and it could have been much worse.

I could have cried later on when Toxic got in touch after another long silence – he just does not get how he gets himself into the same fix over and over but with different people each time.  He tries to help people but he is lost to himself so how does he expect to help them; then they get fixated with him; then something goes wrong and he gets upset … it makes me sad to watch but having explained this to him if he carries on repeating the cycle it isn’t going to change.  He did surprise me though today and that is why despite his toxicity I don’t bar the door and send him packing.

I could also have cried late this afternoon when the puter stuck two fingers up at me and I had to waste time rebooting and stuff … but I didn’t then either.  But I did take photos of the dogs (there is another of them both I cannot upload just now – so will pop that in tomorrow maybe):

And in this last one he is doing a spot of bird watching!



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