An Emotional Snowstorm

So part of yesterday’s banter on the bus was about the weather for today – and as with Weather Guru the forecast I follow was much different to the more general ones.  I wasn’t expecting snow until tomorrow (when I went to bed last night) but it had snew a little by this morning.  By midmorning my forecast had been updated to reflect almost three days of fairly constant but very light snewing.  This was different still to the general forecast which was to wake up to snowy chaos today.

We have actually had long periods without snow and then a blizzard but it is dry snow and so it is laying and we now have about 4 inches of snow on the ground.  The dog run roof is metal and so they get their own glacier as the bottom layer melts and refreezes and the snow is now overhanging the gutter and forming icicles.

The dogs have had fun too – there was our morning walk where Dog threw himself down in a small drift – no he was not having a tantrum he was snow bathing – rolling around wagging his tail like a puppy.  Then this afternoon they came and had a doggy snowball game with me in the dog yard … I would not normally make snow balls for them but this snow is so dry that very light low density snowballs are possible and there is no risk of injury.

Dog is brilliant at this game he watches the trajectory of the snowball and leaps up to hit it with his nose and then he scoops up the bits off the floor and chews them.  Pup has not quite got the gist of it and watches the snowball crash on the ground and disintegrate and then looks confused because he cannot find it – still he thinks it is great fun.

CharlieBeth has gone back homeward with a stop over at my parents tonight – it was touch and go whether she would make her train since the bus was struggling heading out of Forfar.  I had noticed the driver when she got on and told her she was in good hands – it was my pal who needed directions one Saturday.  One of the other drivers told me last week that this guy is always late – I laughed and said that is my fault since I told him he had run early all the way that journey I helped him out and to watch his timings.  Today he repaid that kindness by skilfully getting the bus unstuck and keeping it going.

Interestingly it has now been paid forward again – my daughter was aware some one was stuck on the train with insufficient cash for her ticket and a conductor who wouldn’t/couldn’t accept the girl’s debit card; CharlieBeth helped out with the missing amount to make sure the young woman could get safely to her destination … and then texted me to enquire if that earned serenity points?

CharlieBeth also earned serenity points by carefully delivering my parents Christmas Gift from me …

Since it is made of sea glass and drift wood it is apparently a Beach Tree (boom boom)!

The birds seemed to be enjoying the snow today and here are a couple of pics of those

How many birdies do you see?

I think that as well as the chaffinches in this one there are also yellowhammers (although I am not certain of that ID)

The emotion of today was really nothing to do with the weather … do you recall what happened when I got a thank you card given a few weeks ago – I cried.  Today I had been told to expect an item from a woman I have never met, or even spoken with but who I have known online for around 5 years.  I had said to her that I would be waiting to ambush the postie in my excitement and she had told me that it was nothing much and not to get excited because I would be disappointed.

The postie was sneakily early this morning so I didn’t ambush him but the item did arrive.  I am not going to embarrass her by divulging all the details but suffice to say the packet contained a gift, a lottery ticket, a card, a note and a note.  The gift was so thoughtful, the card had me weeping, then I unfolded the note and before I could read it found the lottery ticket and the note.  When I read the note, it asked me to accept this small token from a friend who appreciated the support I have offered over the time we have known each other and who feels for me in a tough spot just now.  By this time I was howling and had to put it all down and try to compose myself.

The hope is that I will use the note to have a small treat just for me.  That treat keeps changing in my head … but no matter what I do spend that note on the card and the note will be kept as a reminder of the kindness and generosity of a true friend.  I did say to her that an empty envelope would make me excited because it was something she wanted to send me; any one of the items that were enclosed would have delighted me; the complete packet makes me feel like the richest girl in the world – so thank you again my friend.

By contrast my neighbour arrived with more food that “has been donated to her for distribution” … I told her that I have enough food, but thank you for thinking of me please find someone who needs it.  I am fairly certain it has not been donated but that she is buying it because she is still unwell and is ‘being told’ that she must help me.  I have empathy for her health issues but I am not strong enough to be her cause of the moment and have her constant visits and insistence on helping me – she wanted to take Pup for a walk for me today.  I declined politely – he had been out already and anyway there is nothing matter with my legs I can take him for his walks … in fact it is good for my health to do so!!!  I hope she has now accepted what I have said and will not arrive with more!

I rounded off my day making some Phecken stock with the pheasant and chicken carcases and made a pheasant pilau for tonight’s dinner – it was delicious.

Here is my last picture for today – a snow moon

It is still having frequent mini blizzards so I am not expecting to find the snow gone tomorrow … hope you come back and check-in.


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