In the Right Place at the Right Time?

Well the pouring down rain was not in the right place at the right time at all … it just should not have been here!  The dogs have pretty much been where they were supposed to be most of the day – except Pup, taking an exception to getting his paws muddy has ‘forgotten’ more often than usual to let me know he needs to pee.  My computer has definitely not been in the right place or at the right time – it is really struggling and the lag is so slow – but I did eventually get the tutorial finished … as I write this though I am still working on the pictures I want to include … anyone have a deck of cards ? or perhaps a jigsaw that you are stuck with.

This morning I was right (time and place) and the dog walk went better than the previous days … pup is learning to fit in rather than have to be the diva.  I got a wave and a hoot form a passing bus … but could not wave back since my hands were full of dog leads and full poo bags.  After breakfast (and I have to be honest the biggest winner from the dog walk is me – I now have two pooches who sit politely waiting for toast crust while I eat breakfast – last week breakfast took me an hour because of dealing with a naughty Pup) I did some chores including ordering in big bags of dog food and paying a bill that was late.

Everything was calm until lunchtime and a little beyond.  I had made Pup a stuffed kong with biscuits and peanut butter – he loved this when he had it the other day so I thought it might make him happier to go in his crate for the afternoon.  He was better than last time but he clearly still thinks that being shut in during the day means he is definitely not in the right place at the right time … but I needed to go shopping and he is certainly not ready to be left with free run of the place while I am out.

Bus into Forfar and a dawdle to the supermarket I do not usually go to.  I had a list and I knew roughly what that would cost but I still got my calculator out as I walked round.  Most of what I wanted was in the right place – only one item out of stock! and fortunately I spotted the marmite which wasn’t on my list or I would have been a very unhappy girl in a day or so!  So … so far so good.

I decided I wasn’t going to run for the next bus and risk tripping over with heavy shopping bags so I popped into Subway and had lunch while I read my book – something I haven’t done in weeks.  Then I sauntered up to the bus shelter to wait the half hour.  I had only just sat down when I saw the neighbour who had upset me the Sunday before Christmas approach.  She did look very relaxed and she was smiling but she said she was glad to see me since she had been in hospital – she had had a breakdown.  It didn’t make me feel good to have my ‘diagnosis’ confirmed but it did open the door for me to say I had thought she was unwell but had not felt it my place to say so.  She was admitted to a special unit at her request and they are helping her back to stability; she was at home today to do some messages but will be going back for the rest of the week.

She is clearly in the right place; her whole demeanour told me that and she loves the venue where she is staying which has only been open a short time.  She admitted that she has been avoiding her medication for some time so I am sure they will be helping her re-establish that too.  I was a little uncomfortable sat chatting – not because of her ill health but because having seen the less nice, slightly frightening side of her personality has made me a little wary.  Clearly though she is still in a manic phase since she was quickly restless and popped across the road to do some clothes shopping.

I had just taken a few deep breaths when I was hailed from across the road and there was Toxic!  Toxic came across the road and sat down beside me and chattered on the way Toxic does – as if you are the only person on the planet that he is interested in (apart from his toxic self).  He wanted to know about the dogs and whether I was okay.  He started telling me about all the bargains at the supermarket he shops at … he forgets that until I helped him get his budget under control he had the same amount to spend on food as I do … he forgets that that amount of money does not run to the luxury of bargains.  This is the kind of thoughtlessness I find so galling … why can he not just once in a while try on my shoes (stop that I don’t mean literally) BEFORE he opens his mouth?

Toxic was still wittering away when my neighbour returned and settled herself the other side of me.  By now I just wanted to get on the bus and go home … alone!  Neighbour came on the bus with me when it arrived and was very unsettled by the noise of another passenger who has a learning disability and who has a tendency to shriek when excited.  I could sense the strain of staying calm and shutting out the intrusion.  When I did get home of course I wasn’t alone … I could hear the grumpy cat impression coming from Pup’s crate.  I dumped the shopping, grabbed the leads and took them for another walk – it was better even than this morning!

However, despite being fed his tea Pup obviously was not ready to forgive me for ‘abandoning’ him like that!  He has been restless all evening until he eventually crashed out at suppertime – so I let him sleep and then gave him a late supper upon which he went and peed literally just outside the door and asked to go in his crate to bed – he has gone silently to his bed tonight and peace has been restored in the household.

So I have felt a little bit that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time for most of the day!  but if that fulfilled a need for my neighbour and for Toxic then so be it – my day was not wasted.

I said I would show you a photograph  that I took on Saturday and tell you a little about the place.  There certainly have not been photo opportunities in today’s weather so here we go.

This is Wilkies old factory at the foot of Bellies Brae tucked in just below the Town.  They now use a factory on the adjacent site and their business is based on specialist cloth – for example ballistic materials and banner materials.  Some of the business is based in Leicester (UK) and they also have premises/partnerships in China I believe.  This building is a Listed Building (listed building categories in Scotland are slightly different to England) because of its industrial heritage and architectural interest – including those weather vanes I showed you over the weekend.

This image is taken from the road at the top of the Commonty and captures the main façade of the building and the roof.

So first of all – can we pretend the dog poo bin is not in the foreground – it would not have been realistic to clone it out!  Mental note to self – go back and stand inside the fence to try again!  You do see the lovely red sandstone that gives Kiriremuir its other name “The Wee Red Toon” and you do see that the town is sort of stacked up the hill.

This site has outline planning for some demolition and building a foodstore.  The building at the front would go – it is a more modern building and the foodstore would be sited towards the town with the access road running in from Bellies Brae.  This has met with some criticism locally for how dangerous that junction could be.  The foodstore will only be developed if a supermarket operator wishes to put a supermarket there … meanwhile we see the building decaying; since it is in private ownership that is not something we can change.

I used Hue/Saturation/Value decomposition to make a monochrome image …

… it has some quite nice graininess but there is something I don’t like about it so I went back to a different decomposition and then developed it as a sepia print.  I added the mottled filter and a ring stain to help with the aged look along with the faded edges.  I really quite like this although a purist would have got rid of any modern vehicles before working it up!

And this is the monochrome decomposition I worked up to the sepia.  Although this doesn’t have quite as much dark detail as the first one I feel that some of the town details stand out a little better and it has a slightly faded look as it is has been tucked away in a drawer – just as the building is mothballed and falling apart.

Finally this version was taken in Autumn 2009 using my iPhone … and at that point the front building was still in use as offices as evidenced by the lack of boarding at the windows.  Sad to see such a building crumbling  and unloved – a leftover from an industrial heritage that is very much not in the right place at the right time … I feel like I should commission a requiem for this building’s soul …


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