It’s my (Puppy) Party … and I’ll Bark if I Want To!

Oh my goodness me what a fun day … and now I have a very tired Pup.

We went to his brother Ollie’s house today; they haven’t seen each other for over three weeks since we parted at the rail station the day we brought them home but being litter mates there should still be a certain familiarity between them.  I had a busy morning to get ready and get Dog walked and cosied down before we set off for the bus; I wanted to catch the first bus because (a) I wanted to surprise the Sunday Bingo Buddies and (b) the weather forecast was for rain ad howling gales so I wanted to have plenty of time for our journey.

When we have caught the bus between home and Dundee before he has had a break in Forfar but today it was a straight through so we were testing the puppy continence!   As we boarded the driver threw his door open to allow Pup to get up and say hello … I suspect this will be a regular occurrence with this wee chap because he is so adorably friendly with everyone.

We couldn’t sit in our favourite seat to start with – he likes to sit at the front and lick the ‘window’ glass panel.  When he is bigger there won’t be room there but while he is still small it is a good way to contain him.  We moved up t the front in Forfar and got settled for the journey.  He was greeted and fussed by the Bingo Buddies on their way past.  Ollie’s person rang to say she would meet us enroute.  Pup was happy top sit in the car footwell and got praise for doing so well.

Ollie was a little unsure of Pup but quite happy to greet me.  Pup then decided he was in charge and grabbed one of Ollie’s toys and things got very heated for a few minutes.  Ollie tried to grab the toy ad got his lip caught by Pup’s teeth and did that shriek hat pups do but within a few minutes it was quite clear they had gotten past that and were taking it in turns to be boss dog.

We spent lots of time out in their lovely sized garden and in between their toilet visits and lunch we managed to get a bacon roll ourselves, several coffees and some cake as well as catching up on all the news.  It was a really good visit but exhausting – two tired puppies were not prepared to be the first to give in so they hardly stopped for three hours!  We got a lift down the road to catch a bus into the town centre but it took so long to cross the road we missed the next bus and rather than wait 20 minutes and risk missing the bus home we walked.  It was a stretch for young Pup but good lead walking practice for him and I did carry him a little way.

Tomorrow he will be having a very restful day including some time in his crate while Dog gets a good walk. and in a few months we will get the boys together again in the park or at the beach where they can run together then in the summer I will introduce Dog to the group occasionally.  Here are a few photos – not great technique because it was 100% energy charging around in front of me


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