Dog Takes Control

It is happening – Dog has started to work out when it is okay with me for him to discipline Pup … he no longer looks at me first to check.  Just to be clear when we talk about discipline dogs don’t spank each other … a quick, short sharp nip or a brief firm hold round the muzzle or  a is how a dog lets a puppy know it has gone too far.

Why is this exciting? quite simply because Dog never learned to do this with Otto and Otto became a bully where Dog was concerned.  It ended up making Dog very unhappy and even withdrawn, certainly wary.  It has been just over three years since Dog shared his home with Otto.  In that time he has regularly been with me to dog sit my parents pack; each time we visited I would just walk him into the dog yard and there were very few words exchanged between him and their pack alpha dog.  Although I wasn’t their pack’s alpha person when my Dada was around – if he was away they immediately accepted me as the alpha.  So having two entire males and several bitches running  together was not a problem whilst ever I was there with them.

My parents have entire dogs/bitches because they have been until recently occasional breeders – Pup’s litter was their last.  Dog is entire since I see no reason to interferes with nature if it isn’t necessary; he is not left to run with bitches and has never tried to leave his garden so there is minimal risk of unwanted pups.  As Pup grows I might have to revisit that position and have Pup neutered – but it will not be until he is at least 2 since GSP’s keep growing until they are around 3 years old and castration can stop their growth and risk them being deformed.  If one of them becomes the natural top dog it will never be an issue providing I am the most dominant and they both take notice of me.

That is all for the future but to see that Dog has worked out that he can stop Pup’s mischief if it is unwelcome is encouraging.  Pups normally get away with it up to around 16 weeks but Pup was using some very antisocial behaviours to get his own way and poor Dog had Pup jumping on him, humping him and biting his ears and lips.  Now he gets  warning growl and if it doesn’t stop he gets a nip – which has instant results – he backs off and you can see him thinking about what happened.  Consequently the humping has almost stopped altogether.

It will be interesting to see how this translates tomorrow when Pup goes for a playdate with Ollie – I am really looking forward to seeing if they mind (Scots for remember) each other.

I had a yearning to fly the kite today … there is very little chance of  flying it locally so I will have to wait until Pup is allowed to the beach … don’t let on but perhaps I can persuade my daughter to come and we can all go fly the kites and walk on the beach …

After the cloud stopped play yesterday I was back on Moon watch this evening and it was only the cold that drove me back indoors … when you cannot feel your fingers it is no good trying to take photographs!  Enjoy these pretty pictures and pop back tomorrow to find out about the puppy playdate?

Doos (pigeons) at sunset



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