Hit and Miss

Actually that title sums up my day so well that I could leave it at that … but at least a few readers will ask where the Pup pictures are and did I take any other photos? so I will elaborate a little … but not too much since I am tired!

Why am I tired? well I am a little under the weather with a gravelly throat and sniffly nose (the worst part of which was running out of any sort of tissue at all in the house) AND I have been up and down like a yo yo to let Pup out for pees or poos … I am not complaining because he is 90% there with asking to go out and another 5% of the time it is me that misses his hint because I am busy – so not his fault at all.  I know that the only way to house train a puppy is to constantly remind it where it needs to go, use consistent words for the actions, praise to the heavens every time they dribble the tiniest pee and ignore the indoor incidents.  It i hard work and not particularly fun BUT the wee guy is so sharp he knows where the biscuits are already and when he deserves a treat (essentially every time he successfully goes out at this stage and then clicker will start to take over from the biscuits) … so some of our visits to the garden are possibly not really necessary but if he is making the connections I don’t care.

Each trip is also a chance to practice recalls and if h is stubbornly still mooching after 20 minutes in the sub zero temperatures I bend down and wiggle my fingers while calling his name – works every time.

A nice moment when Dog finally relented and agreed to sharing the blankie – only lasted 5 minutes but it is progress.  In fact Dog has been behaving more like a puppy than Pup has – but he is doing extremely well.

The Twa Dogs

Finally Dog allowed Pup to share the sofa blankie for 5 minutes

Then there was a very much MISS bit of the day.  I am not going to blog the details; it is too tedious and it will be the subject of  a strong complaint so best to keep details quiet for now.  Suffice to say it involved three conversations with my bank who are ,,, despite it being against their code of practice … delaying me accessing the JSA that was paid into my account on Monday.  There is something very wrong in a world where an organisation cannot train their staff to have more empathy when a person tells them they urgently need loo roll and dog food; especially when the organisation have caused the situation in the first place.

beech hedge

I rather like the effect of the blur where I must have moved the camera on this – it gives a blurry edge which was a bit like I was feeling

Having finished that conversation (and realising that due to my lack of attention a small furball had peed twice! I mopped up, fed him lunch and got my face on to go spend the £20 I was able to access today.  I caught up with a fellow Community Councillor for a quick debrief on the Lights Switch on event and then headed into Kirrie.  I bought dog food, loo roll,baked beans, bread, butter, pasta (not what I really want to eat but affordable), potatoes (ditto), milk and coffee.  What is frustrating is that the bank has caused me to have to spend more to buy less and is now affecting my health because of the food choices available to me!

I can see why people get to the end of their tether … don’t fret I am not there and don’t plan to be.  I am articulate and can stand up for myself – what about the folk who are not string enough to do that?

Anyway on my return journey I saw a pretty sunset and on Dog’s stubble field the sunset glowing through this beech hedge was so colourful and warm.  On a cold and frosty day it was a very welcome warmth.

Beech hedge

Sunset through the Beech hedge

sunset Sunset

I did hear some bus news today … not good news because people were injured.  The person whom told me was obviously expecting me to be delighted about the outcome given it involved a driver whose competence and customer service skills I have previously criticised (no not Early Bird) … but it shows how little he understands me – I don’t take delight in such things.  Very sad.


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