Too Much Information?

Walking the dog

It has been one of those days … everyone and everything seems to have wanted to over share with me!

Dog wouldn’t stand still while I was preparing to scoop poop this morning … there I was holding his lead, a small torch, trying to open the poop bag … and there he was running round me so I had to keep turning to avoid getting tied up.  Dog was over sharing all the smells he kept finding with his nose in overdrive!

I got on the bus and it was squeaking – not an intermittent pipping noise like a fault normally does – a constant squeak which apparently mean the emergency door was open even though it wasn’t.  Poor driver even tried to find the wire to the ‘speakers’ to shut the thing up and I am sure several people were thinking STFU.  This bus was swapped on another of our routes yesterday so I guess it was squeaking then too and since the fault is not ‘life threatening’ the protocol is to keep running with it.

On that bus a young woman ran to catch the bus (she is usually late like this) and when she got on she asked for a day ticket, then checked her purse, then said to make it a single.  She does this every time she gets on the bus … it drives the driver mad; after she had sat down glances were exchanged and I knew exactly what was going through his head without a single word being uttered.  I know I go out of my way to plan my ticket money – to try and include some of the coins and small notes that make it easier for a driver when everyone else is paying with large notes … but I don’t understand how a person can be so ditzy that they have not thought about looking at their money before asking for a ticket they can afford?

Weather Guru’s first question was “did you get my stones?”  “I did actually but I was thinking about you not overdoing the raking so here they are” and I presented him with his two small stones!  He pulled a face and said “so where are you going today then?” with that sad puppy dog look on his face … you know the one ladies?  I had originally thought it might be a kiting day but the wind wasn’t that strong so I said “I might just head back to the lighthouse … I’ll see”.  His face lit up and he said just one small knapsack full of stone would be  a start …”  “We’ll see … have a good day”

As I boarded the X7 a young woman was on her phone having an overloud conversation.  She had received a letter inviting her to make a claim to get compensation for misselling of PPI; clearly based on the conversation this was one of those random sales pitch letters that everyone gets but she wanted it to be special to her.  She was very generous with the personal information she was sharing loudly over her phone (although it turned out not to be her phone because she had lost that and borrowed one from a friend).  Anyone could easily have written down her address, date of birth and several sets of bank numbers … unbelievable.  Just as unbelievable were her responses to the questions about being unaware of what PPI was and her claims that the job she was in came with 6 months full pay, at least 12 months half pay and her job was secure (well of course it is darling – you are a very special snowflake and noone can hurt you can they?).  Way way too much information and I sincerely hope that the company she phoned are genuine and are not as I write taking her to the cleaners!

The weather forecast is another example of Too Much Information … for the past week we have been threatened with all sorts of inclement weather – and it has been beautiful if a little colder than last week.  Today was no exception … until around 15:22.  I wore my sandals again because the forecast was bright sunshine all day – even with the north wind.  People often ask if my feet are cold – I detest having to wrap my feet up and shut them in – and actually if the rest of me is layered up and warm generally no my feet are not cold.

I walked back out to Scurdie Ness with a brisk and cold wind whistling form behind over my left shoulder.  The White horses breaking over Annat Bank were stunning and even with almost 3 hours still to high tide waves were breaking at the foot of the cliffs.  I managed to take some more pictures of a curlew and just really enjoyed taking wave pictures.  At the lighthouse I could tell the sea was already higher than when I was there at hightide two days ago and there were starting to be some spectacular waves breaking over the point.  I set off on the footpath beyond the kissing gate only to find those black and white ladies I met on Monday.  I am not worried about the cattle and being in the same field but I wasn’t prepared to stand taking photographs with them mooching around behind me so I retreated for a wee while.

Later on I managed to get t the little beach I was on the other day – the stones I had arranged on a rock to photograph were still exactly as I had left them, however the little inlet that didn’t seem to have seen tidal flow for weeks was already getting waves crashing into it and the beach was smaller than last time!  There were still plenty of the stones that Weather Guru is so keen on though and quite a bit of sea glass.  I added in a couple of small very smooth paddlestones to his collection of pretty white flecked stones.

I had another opportunity to photograph the arrival of a ship and the welcome from the Pilot … but the most awesome thing about today were the waves.  If I had had walking boots on I might have been tempted to go find the blow hole.

I have tried to resist over sharing the wave pictures (I took around 200 of them) but I will be adding some of the best to deviantArt soon.  I was intending to get stovies when I got back to Montrose – but it was 14:30 and they had stopped the hot food so I got a nice ham salad roll on brown instead.  I waited for the late running 30 to Brechin so I could catch the 21B and as we headed out of Montrose it started snowing.  There was a mini blizzard when I changed buses in Brechin and then having picked up some primary school youngsters we headed to the high school.  The wee boy already on the bus was so excited by the big fakes of snow which started to fall then.

The hills had an icing sugar dusting over them but by the time we reached Forfar it had stopped again.  I dashed into the supermarket to pick up Dog’s dinner and some milk before heading out in the hope of catching up with Weather Guru to deliver his stones.  I wanted him to be surprised – but he wasn’t; I must be too reliable and predictable!  He says he will return the bag so I can fetch some more …  “We’ll see ….”

While I waited for the late running 20 to go home the snow started again and by the time I got home there was an inch of snow on the ground.  My neighbour, having squashed me when the bus braked to let us off said “bet you didn’t expect this when you set off in your sandals this morning?”  Well no I didn’t … on the other hand my foot and tight tendon seem much improved this week even though my distance walked will be roughly the same as last week.

I am going to finish with a new nugget of over sharing  by the Scottish Government – apparently we are not able to work out how to prepare for emergencies like winter weather so a new app has been launched to guide us!  I have heard everything now – it lets us store an emergency plan on our mobile phone  … really?

  1. There is a whole generation of people – particularly more vulnerable and older people who do not have a smartphone – probably the very people who could benefit most from the app cannot access it”!
  2. Of the rest we have those like the woman on the bus this morning who lose their mobile devices – not only is their emergency plan useless but she has probably added all sorts of secure information to that plan and it is now in the hands of whoever has ‘found’ her phone
  3. How did our parents and grandparents manage  in these emergency situations? did they even consider winter weather to be an emergency situation? – I suspect they did not!

I am sorry – life is just too short and I don’t want the Government’s Too Much Information … I will just hibernate. wake me when the snow is gone please but would you mid letting Dog out every half hour just so he can pee in the snow – he has a small’s boy’s sense of humour obviously!


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