Back to the Beach

One of the things I am enjoying just now is that weeks and weekends is an odd concept for me – I am treating each day as a day and so I enjoy every day rather than living for two days which I am too tired to enjoy and have to squish all the messages (chores and errands) into.  But today I did have a day off and return to the beach.

Before that though Dog managed to find a dead thing on his walk – a vole.  It was freshly dead and he was not going to put it down of give it to me.  He carefully carried it home – and he knows the rules – dead things do NOT come in the house!  In the end it had to come in briefly so I could offer a biscuit and get him to put the vole down.  I deftly picked it up by its short little tail and returned it to outdoors.  I suspect the cat that hunts that field had just hunted and we disturbed it before it’s voley breakfast!

After yesterday’s flooding the forecast was for only light occasional showers and the wind to be kite flying strength; with the high tide for the Tay Bar at 13:37.  This gave several hours of walking so I decided I would walk from Arbroath to Easthaven along the beach where possible.  I caught the X7 form Dundee for a quick journey to Arbroath and then headed for the harbour.  With the harbour gate shut there were a couple of boats edging out to sea and the area inside the outer breakwater was half beach.  I took a short cut across this sandy/rocky stretch and took some different perspective pictures of the harbour and the waves breaking outside.

Exactly one month ago this was the area within the breakwater at almost high tide.

And this is at the turn of the low tide today …

As I walked along the esplanade I stopped for a chat with a couple and their two dogs … lovely people who I really enjoyed meeting.  I was in my Fitflop sandals and he commiserated with me that I couldn’t afford socks!

As soon as I could I got back onto the beach and walked until I reached Elliot Burn … in normal conditions I would probably have paddled across the burn close to the tide line but with the burn in spate from yesterday’s flooding I opted for the safer course of navigating inland to the footbridge.  I might add that all the footbridges enroute were boards with gaps and I had no problem with crossing any of them!  I also happily walked along the dune path close to a dune cliff without any vertigo at all.

Along the way the photographs fitted into three categories:

Flotsam and Jetsam

Just a few weeks ago we had a major storm which ripped up whole kelp forests and threw them on our beaches.  Now the floods have carried al the damaged bits of trees and so on down to the sea in flooded rivers and the beach is littered with wood.  Montrose basin has straw floating about in it and several of the large round bales which have clearly been lifted by the flood waters and carried down to Montrose Harbour.

I saw quite a number of creels smashed to bits – looking like giant construction toys; a stray rubber duck made an unusual addition to my bird’s spotted list and the highlight of my day was not finding a ‘highlighter pen’ on the beach.  I was delighted with this sculpture of odds and ends – and if anyone has lost their yellow wellies – well there they are!

Flora and Fauna

I too found dead things – but unlike Dog I did not pick them up in my mouth and carry them home eugghhh!  Dead crabs and dead guillemots.  But I also found live things like the Harebells, the Scabeous and the poppies.  There were many birds to see but my favourite was this ‘cloud’ of geese moving raucously overhead.

The Power of the waves

In this set the shot is taken of the same rocks but with the tide creeping over the top of them and the waves breaking on this side of them.

When I arrived at Easthaven I was disappointed – I had walked around 5 miles and needed a comfort break – but the public conveniences I commented on a few weeks ago are neither public nor convenient now since they are kept locked October through March.  Okay I would have stayed and eaten my picnic, done some beachcombing, maybe flown the parafoil on the green (the beach was full of water and fishermen) but instead I had to go catch a bus to go to the loo!  I will be visiting Easthaven less frequently for  a while now.

Having left the beach to find a loo I decided it was too early to call it a day so I continued via Arbroath to Montrose; had a meander around the town centre and then came back to Dundee for a coffee.  I like a coffee shop where I can relax and read and haven’t yet found one like that in Montrose.

The return bus journey became quite amusing.  I had a fellow passenger who was taking some American visitors somewhere … he was one of those people who know everything about everything … except they don’t and it becomes funny.  He started off waxing lyrical about every local location that has flooded and that the farmers were to blame for taking out hedges.  As we passed Lunan Bay the topic was how rough the sea was – yes there were breakers on our shallow sandy beaches but it wasn’t rough.  The funniest excerpt though was his knowledge of the law that bus drivers obey – they apparently “drive for two hours, take an hour break, drive for two hours, take an hour break, drive for two hours and that is the end of their shift.” – what do you say bus drivers; don’t you wish it was so?


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