Day 7: 16 September 2012

So I started the week (and this journey) with a quote which I used as my foundation – the Serenity Prayer.  I want to start this post (to round off the week) with something I read yesterday … I am not including all the preamble since I think this stands on it’s own:

I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright.
I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more.
I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive.
I wish you enough pain so that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger.
I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.
I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.
I wish enough “Hello’s” to get you through the final “Goodbye.

Weather guru … you have wished me enough weather (and “Hellos”) this week to fulfil this – mostly sunny, very breezy and only one real downpour but I surely do appreciate the sun … thank you;

The hurt I have experienced on one hand has helped me appreciate the joys of flying my kite, paddling and walking barefoot on the beach.

Finally a colleague stopped me yesterday and during the conversation said there may be several more people that want to come and work with me – losing something certainly seems to be offering me gain.

To all of you whose path has crossed mine on this first week on this journey thank you from my serene heart … I feel lucky, I feel like I have enough to get me through life but a little extra serenity never hurts and it is so generous of you to share with me.


So what did I do today and where did I go?  Sunday’s are harder – bus services start later and are fewer BUT I did not let that stop me!  and I kept the wind and waves themes.

In the middle of watching these awesome power kites I spotted a haar forming at the Ferry (this is a fog that hangs low over the Tay) and within two minutes we were deluged with heavy driving rain.  I had managed to shove my camera in my backpack and pull out a hooded light jacket but nothing was protection from the downpour.  People scattered to look for shelter.  I took shelter in the overhang of a building adjacent to the play park.  A great play park with lots of different things for youngsters to enjoy – the building housed the toilets – sorry Monifieth your public conveniences were neither – the gates were locked!

The kite surfers carried on through the 10 minute ‘shower’ which meant I got to take more photographs once the rain stopped.

Today I:

  • Maxed out on serenity watching the graceful and powerful water ballet of the kite surfers;
  • Greeted every person (and pooch) I met on my walk from Barnhill Rock Garden to Monifieth;
  • Laughed with the spaniel who clearly had his owner totally under his control – he sat and refused to move until the owner chose the preferred path;
  • Had a conversation with a total stranger;
  • Paddled across a burn and then got drenched in the rain;
  • Read the Sunday paper – not done that for ages! and
  • Bought two new kites (I went in search of the gull kite and ended up with that and a parafoil sport kite too!)
Today’s Statistics: Cost £0; Miles travelled: 60.4; Steps taken: 7,920

This week I have found serenity in abundance –  I hope I have brought some serenity to others – in case not I start another week of this journey tomorrow,


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About nonehpets

I have an interest in how interior design and adapting a home to support living independently for longer can be complementary. The blog Life Long Design is part of an holistic plan for establishing a social enterprise which will offer the people of Tayside opportunities to explore Telecare and the wider scope of assistive technologies. Enabling individuals to make more informed and responsible choices in the care and support they need in their independent living. I am also keen to see public transport more widely adopted and sustainable rural bus services in particular supported. The Blog Travels with a Megarider shares my journey to find serenity in my life as I make that transition form employment to social entrepreneur. One of my methods in increasing serenity is to travel as many miles as I can on a fixed price bus ticket and explore my own local places of interest. Places that I used to go past and had never stopped to look at; places of peace and tranquility; places where I have had some wonderful conversations with complete strangers. I would like to share with you a response to when I described that one paragraph in an e-mail made it sound simple: "Believe me, Cathy, it does not sound simple. You are taking on an incredible challenge for all the right reasons. It is ambitious and admirable - the sort of project that can change lives, including yours." He is right it is ambitious but when did we every achieve anything by settling for the status quo and ignoring what doesn't work for people? So I would welcome your company from time to time on this journey either simply as a reader or if you are brave enough adding your own thoughts to the comments as you feel moved.

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